Software moderno de valet y self storage

Storeganise es una solución de software integral e intuitiva que provee a empresas de valet y self storage de todos los tamaños en todo el mundo

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Empresas de todo el mundo confían en Storeganise

  • customer

    “From the marketing perspective, Storeganise offered significant improvements as well. The setup process was straightforward and quick, requiring minimal technical knowledge.”

  • customer

    Powered Parking and Storage is an automated storage facility co-managed by Eric Davis. In this case study, we explore how Storeganise has helped Powered Parking and Storage differentiate itself and streamline its operations.

  • customer

    “Its clean, minimalist, and is very user friendly. The team are extremely responsive and always available for support.”

  • customer

    “Storeganise has proven to be invaluable in the management of STORE’s valet order workflow. Storeganise has powered STORE in its ability to control and fulfil customer orders effectively and efficienctly.”

  • customer

    “Storeganise makes us look good! Storeganise does the work so we can focus on our customers and building our business.”

  • customer

    “Storeganise is just getting better and better, it has blown our expectations way beyond anything else we’ve ever done.”

  • customer

    “Storeganise’s software is user friendly to both the Customer and the Operator. Storeganise has allowed us to efficiently scale our Valet Storage business and manage the whole process online.”

  • customer

    “Their software is a critical component of our value proposition and ensures our ability to manage customer needs. The Storeganise team has been very accessible and always willing to talk through anything.”

  • customer

    “Not only our staff but out customers have found the Storeganise online platform easy to use and convenient. They can manage everything online at any time!”

  • customer

    “We started using a competing management software. Then along came Storeganise. Not only did their software provide the innovative solution we were looking for, but their drive to continually develop a better customer-driven product was what made us make the switch.”

  • customer

    “They helped our company grow right from the beginning. They are a pleasure to work with and we love using their software and services!”

  • customer

    “I have been very happy with the service and support provided by the Storeganise team. Storeganise has been integral to the success of our business.”

  • customer

    “Storeganise is a carefully designed and robust All in One solution. We’re very happy with it and we’re excited to see the updates and enhancements coming in the future versions.”

  • Alquila más trasteros con reservas en línea sin contacto

    Permite que tus clientes puedan reservar y gestionar su trastero desde cualquier dispositivo con una aplicación de reservas renovada que se puede añadir a cualquier página web en un momento

    Alquila más trasteros con reservas en línea sin contacto
  • Gestiona tu negocio desde cualquier lugar

    Un software moderno y muy intuitivo que funciona en cualquier dispositivo y os permite a ti y a tu equipo gestionar y hacer un seguimiento de vuestro negocio a distancia

    Gestiona tu negocio desde cualquier lugar
  • Optimiza y automatiza tus operaciones

    Storeganise cuenta con numerosas integraciones prediseñadas y una API exhaustiva, lo que te permite automatizar tareas, sincronizar datos, etc.

    Optimiza y automatiza tus operaciones
  • Aumenta tu negocio

    Storeganise te ayuda a gestionar una gran variedad de negocios desde una única plataforma, entre ellos, el alquiler de trasteros de self storage, valet storage, almacenes de vino, almacenes de móviles, etc.

    Aumenta tu negocio

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