Streamlining self-storage management: A Storeganise success story

Discover how NG Storage Containers transformed operations with Storeganise’s intuitive software, leveraging its open API for custom integrations and benefiting from responsive customer support.

Streamlining self-storage management: A Storeganise success story

Company Information

  • Company Name: NG Storage Containers & Plant Storage
  • Head Office: Bradford, UK
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For many self-storage facility managers, the challenge isn’t just about storing items—it’s about creating a seamless operational experience for both themselves and their customers. This case study delves into how one such manager, Richard from NG Storage Containers, overcame operational hurdles by leveraging Storeganise’s flexible software solutions, particularly its open API and comprehensive customer support.

The big change with Storganise came with the new UI, investing in the graphic design and user interface for both the customer side and the backend, it just transformed it. Then it became a lot easier to use, a lot easier to navigate, a lot more intuitive. -- Richard Haigh, NGSC

Before Storeganise: The struggle with inefficiency

Initially, NG Storage Containers faced several issues with its existing management software. Life pre-Storeganise meant a system lacking in active management tools, with no online customer portal for bookings and a cumbersome manual process for reconciling invoices. They needed a solution that could not only streamline these processes but also integrate smoothly with other systems they were using.


The turning Point: Storeganise’s intuitive interface and valuable features

The transformation began with Storeganise’s upgraded user interface, which greatly enhanced usability and navigation for both customers and backend users. But the most significant change was the implementation of Storeganise’s open API. This allowed NG Storage Containers to create custom integrations, such as an SMS notification system to alert customers about invoice issues and gate access controls, vastly improving operational efficiency.

"We have two storage sites now that we run Storeganise on, and they run 97% autonomously. What I like a lot is that every time you log in, you notice the differences and updates to the system and it does make things better.  “ -- Richard Haigh, NGSC

Custom integrations made simple

Using Storeganise’s API, Richard built a custom SMS bot integrated with their access control system. This system sends automatic text messages to customers upon booking and updates access permissions in real-time. This integration has enabled near-autonomous operation of the facility, reducing the need for constant manual oversight.

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Cost-effective and scalable

One of the most compelling benefits of Storeganise is its cost-effectiveness. Richard points out that Storeganise’s pricing model is significantly more affordable compared to other solutions on the market, with the flexibility to scale as the business grows. This scalability is vital for maintaining affordability as the facility expands.

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Support that listens and responds

Above all, the customer support offered by Storeganise was highlighted as a key factor in the successful implementation. Richard appreciates that Storeganise’s team are always ready to discuss and troubleshoot issues, providing personalised support that made them feel heard and valued.

Conclusion: A partnership for growth

The ease of integration, combined with powerful, user-friendly management tools and responsive support, has not only streamlined operations but also enhanced the customer signup process. Potential customers can now view prices, select a unit, and complete bookings within minutes—a simplicity that drives business growth.

For those looking to understand the practical application and benefits of Storeganise’s API in more detail, we invite you to watch the video where Richard shares their journey of customizing access control and accounting systems, demonstrating the transformative impact of Storeganise on their business operations.

Embrace the potential of Storeganise to revolutionize your storage facility management. Discover how our solutions can be tailored to fit your unique needs, enhancing both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.