Scaling and adapting to market constraints: A Storeganise success story

Starting with a small facility in Bombay, Space Valet India have expanded their self-storage business across India by leveraging Storeganise's flexible self storage and valet management tools, which streamline operations and support scalable growth in a price-sensitive market.

Scaling and adapting to market constraints: A Storeganise success story

Company Information

Starting small in Bombay: The early days

Starting with a small facility in Bombay, Devak, the Head of Operations and Technology, faced several operational challenges. They needed a solution that could streamline processes, manage diverse storage options, and adapt to India’s price-sensitive market.

It runs my entire life! -- Devak Davda, Space Valet India

Adapting to the market: The flexi space model

In India, a price-sensitive market, they introduced a cost-effective flexi space model. Facilities feature floor-to-ceiling racks storing boxes, charging customers by volume instead of floor space.

Discovering Storeganise: A game changer

Meeting Storeganise at an SSA conference introduced them to the idea of leveraging both self storage and valet storage software modules offered by Storeganise. A flexible solution to support the diverse needs of their market, these included:

  • Private storage units and flexi spaces: Combining both valet storage and self storage Storeganise modules.
  • Volume-based pricing: Facilitates custom pricing plans.
  • Racking management: Efficiently tracks volume without the need for detailed inventory.

"Storeganise is very scalable, we're looking at adding a new city and a new sites every year. So it kind of scales with us because adding new facilities is really, it's as easy as opening a new tab in Chrome!  “ -- Devak Davda, Space Valet India 

Streamlined operations and custom integrations with Storeganise

Storeganise became essential to their operations, from facility setup to inventory tracking and invoicing. Despite handling manual payments due to local laws in India limiting auto-payment capacity, Storeganise manages everything else seamlessly. Integration with their bookkeeping system through a custom tool ensured smooth invoicing and financial record management, demonstrating Storeganise’s compatibility with other systems through the well documented open API.

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Comprehensive control and analytics

As Head of Operations and Technology, Devak uses the interactive Analytics dashboard to make data-driven decisions. The easy data export/import functionalities then allows him to act fast based on the data, whether it’s evaluating the fastest selling unit size or adapting pricing to response to a new competitor in the market. Storeganise provides a granular overview of operations such as:

  • Job Lists: Tracks weekly tasks.
  • Sitemap: Offers a bird’s eye view of unit statuses and customer balances.
  • Labels: Facilitates easy identification of customer types and requirements.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Monitors revenue, collections, and unit rentals, aiding in data-driven decisions.

Scaling with ease: Future expansion plans

Storeganise’s scalability supports their ambitious growth plans, Devak comments that ‘adding new sites is as easy as adding a new tab in chrome.’ The ease of new facility setup supports their ambitious expansion goals, aiming to enter one new city annually, they plan to double their efforts, expanding to three more cities with multiple facilities. The pricing structure of Storeganise software is also built to scale with them, we grow together as a partnership, which makes it easier to plan and budget for the future.

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Conclusion: A partnership for continued growth

With Storeganise, Space Valet India are poised for further expansion and success. The software’s flexibility, comprehensive features, and ease of use make it an indispensable tool for their growing self-storage business.

Discover how Storeganise can streamline your operations and support your growth. Contact us to learn more about our solutions tailored for your needs.