The Units Customer App

Automatic unit bookings and a single spot to manage all reserved units

Automated bookings

Allow customers to immediately book & pay for units online

Customer portal

Customers can manage their units, access codes, invoices & more

Get setup quickly

Add the customer portal to your website in just a few minutes

Mobile enabled

Works seamlessly across all devices from anywhere

Your brand

Entirely re-branded with your logo and brand colors

Multiple languages

Available in multiple languages

The Operations App

A complete operations suite to manage every part of your business in real time

Automated tasks

Storeganise can manage bookings & reservations entirely automatically

Fully hosted

Cloud-based system with redundancy backups & failover

Automated billing

Automatically charge customers for deposits and monthly fees

Manage anywhere

Monitor and manage your business from any device & any place

Multiple sites

Seamlessly switch between sites with a single click

Settings panel

Instantly update all aspects of the system & booking portal

Website design services

Beautiful, mobile-responsive marketing websites

Mobile responsive

Works seamlessly across devices

Your brand

Tailored for your brand and optimised for great SEO

Simple integration

Integrates directly with the Storeganise Customer Apps*

Sample website

Check out our demo website at

*If you already have a website or want to design your own, integrating it with Storeganise is as simple as adding a link to the Customer App