Self Storage Automated – Breaking Down Key Features

With Storeganise, you can run your facility fully automated. Here is a breakdown of key automation features.

self storage automation features

Benefits of Self Storage Automation

Automating your self storage facility has many tangible benefits. Some owners are considering it, while others still turn away from automation due to multiple reasons. Some are worried about a lengthy and costly digitization project that will require big changes to the hardware and established processes in the business. Others are not convinced that ‘new ways are always better.’ After all, why change how the business is done if it’s worked nicely for the past years.

These objections hold true only in very few and exceptional cases. For the vast majority, modernising processes to enable automation and self-service brings only benefits below the line. For one, demographic changes in the user base are driving demand for a modern approach. Cloud-based technology, a mobile-friendly front-end, and self-service are just a few examples of services that new (often - younger) customers expect from the facility of their choice.

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However, automation brings more than just happier customers; it translates directly into reduced running costs and overheads. For one, automated billing lowers credit risk. Furthermore, outsourcing routine tasks to the computer improves operational efficiency and frees up financial and human resources. Finally, automation enables you to run your facility fully or partially remotely with only minimal, if any, staff on site.

Automation with Storeganise

Storeganise is your key to automation. We built many valuable tools into our system to help you manage your facility at a lower cost while increasing your customer satisfaction.

Automated Bookings

Storeganise lets your users book storage themselves. They can view available units, select the required size and make a reservation with just a few clicks. An intuitive and user-friendly system that is not dependent on your office hours. Using the e-signature feature, users can sign the self-storage agreement from any device. With Storeganise, you can automate move-ins and move-out, reducing the amount of involvement from your side. Afterward, the user can easily manage their inventory by uploading pictures and labels of everything within their storage unit to the customer portal.

The Power of Automated Emails

Storeganise lets you create templates and triggers of automated emails to perform many time-intensive routine tasks.

Sending invoices At the predetermined time, the system will generate and send an invoice automatically to your customer. You can set default settings but also user-specific ones. For example, they can be billed automatically or manually depending on the agreement you have with them.

Sending invoice reminders For customers who are behind on their payment, the system sends invoice reminders automatically at pre-set intervals. The system will track how many days the invoice is past due and send up to three reminder emails that you can customize and manage from the back end.

Confirmation emails You can create email templates that will automatically trigger for various events, such as booking confirmation/updates, booked out units, delivery/ collection failure (for valet storage), and other scenarios that are relevant to your business.

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Automated Billing

When it comes to billing, Storeganise also can help you save a lot of time and effort. Customers who have registered payment methods (e.g. a credit card) will be charged automatically. You can decide between anniversary or fixed day of the month billing. You can even set up pro-rata billing for customers who move in in the middle of the month. There are no limits set to how you can run your business and collect payment. The system will also update the payment status. If a customer fails to pay by the final deadline, the system will automatically lock them out from their unit until payment is processed. This step protects your business financially. To learn more about automated billing, check our detailed article setting up automated billing.

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Final Thoughts

Implementing Storeganise into your operations is a painless process. Our software integrates seamlessly with other applications and has multilingual support. If any problems arise, our staff are there to help.

Managing Your Self Storage With Storeganise

At Storeganise we automate every aspect of your self storage service. This includes online booking, tenant management, monthly billing, tracking occupancy rates, and much more.

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