Should you automate your self storage facility?

Automation is becoming the norm in many industries, and the self storage industry is one of them. If you’re teetering on the line between some automation and full automation, read this post and learn why full automation for self storage businesses is will become a necessity in the near future. 

self storage facility automation

Many businesses have automated certain parts of their facilities, such as giving customers key automated features like the ability to make bookings online or having automated locking mechanisms for different units, whilst other businesses are seeing full automation and operating with zero staff.

Why should you automate your self storage facility?

COVID-19 has taken the global economy for a loop, and self storage owners need to look for creative and viable ways to rent out more units than ever before. It’s becoming clear that most businesses in the self storage industry need to reduce their operating costs and keep the customers they already have. Automation technology indeed provides tangible benefits for businesses in this industry.

The main benefits of  self storage automation

There are loads of benefits of having a fully automated self storage facility. Here’s a short list of the most important ones:

1. You’re giving your customers what you expect

It’s no secret that automation is a big part of today’s modern business, and customers are beginning to expect the convenience of automation when they interact with a service-based business. You’ll need to ensure that your customers can book online at their convenience and be able to open and move out of their unit with ease.

2. Improved security potential

You would think that facilities with no employees present would be susceptible to break-ins, but that’s not necessarily true. Smart entry systems allow unit doors to be locked from the inside when closed, making them impossible to break into. Tailgating could still occur, but automated locks can guarantee that thieves will not be able to enter different units. Automated web apps for customers can allow them to unlock entry gates with Bluetooth technology, and automatically lock them behind them.

3. Fewer overheads

With automation, you’ll notice that your overhead costs are significantly reduced and virtually eliminated. Staff costs will be reduced, as you won’t require managers and employees overseeing your facilities. In terms of building costs, you won’t have to invest in a large office or an employee-only restroom, freeing up more space and further reducing overhead costs.

4. Working from anywhere

A significant benefit of a fully automated facility is that you’ll never really have to be there unless there is an emergency or a maintenance need. Cloud-based automation also makes it possible to lock non-paying clients out of their units, automatically open units for new clients, and provide security for gates, doors, and other parts of your facility.

COVID-19 and self storage automation

Since the beginning of the pandemic, businesses in virtually all niches have examined how to keep their businesses afloat with little to no contact with other people. In this “new normal of self storage”, the industry has faced a similar issue- how to enable consumers to book their facility, check in, move their property into their unit, and check out with little interaction with other people? With automation, the ability to operate interaction-free is becoming a reality-- and lagging behind could be a bad business move.

Automate your facility with Storeganise

Automating your self storage facility can actually be quite easy to do. All it takes is a little bit of help from some valuable automation tools. Storeganise is one great platform with multiple tools for automating one’s business.

Our customer-facing web app and operations web app can automate the booking process, provide logistics and inventory management, work virtually anywhere, and be fully customized for your specific brand.

If you’d like to learn more about automating your storage facility, book a demo and claim a free account.

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