Storeganise LIVE webinars.

Storeganise LIVE webinars.

Join our next LIVE webinar and learn more about self storage business automation.

Storeganise Webinar Achive

Watch replays of our past events

Storeganise June 2023 release - New features

Explore the recent updates to Storeganise in our informative webinar showcasing our June 2023 release.

Learn more about enhanced order summaries, a streamlined invoicing system, combining all customer charges into a single, comprehensible invoice and a new feature that allows you to follow up on incomplete orders, turning potential customer leads into successful sales

Storeganise May 2023 release - New features

Watch a webinar where we present a new set of features and improvements coming to Storeganise with May 2023 release.

Learn more about scheduling price changes, inviting and setting roles for your staff, new custom fields, security updates and more.

Storeganise December 2022 release - New features

In this live webinar we show you some of the new features added to Storeganise, including built-in marketing website creator, invoicing improvements (e.g. save as PDF), improvements to prepayments and discounts, the new site onboarding flow and how to easily set up your units and unit types.

Self Storage Marketing tips and tricks

In this webinar about self storage marketing we looked at some basic marketing techniques for self storage operators.

What are Google Ads and how to use them, what are web analytics, how to connect Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 to Storeganise and why email is still the king when it comes to digital marketing.

Automating your self storage business

Watch a replay of our webinar covering how to automate your self storage business with Storeganise.

We covered Allowing customers to find and book self storage units online, automated billing and invoicing, automated payment reminders, using labels/tags to organise your business, prepayments and discounts/promo codes and more.