Comprehensive valet storage management software

Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking

Track every stored items with photos and descriptions, providing your customers with a modern way to manage their stuff

Item-based inventory management

Manage inventory with unique barcodes

Track the locations of each stored item 

Add photos & titles to every item

Built-in camera-based barcode scanning

Complete history & audit tracking

Logistics management

Logistics management

Manage multiple drivers, deliveries and collections with our straight forward step-based order management

Real-time job updates visible from any device

Simple step-by-step order management

Assign jobs to & manage multiple drivers

Customisable logistics schedules & capacities

Automated delivery & collection updates

Add pre-set or custom delivery charges

Automated billing

Automated billing

Reduce credit risk and management costs with automatic monthly recurring billing

Offer multiple pricing models

Automated monthly billing

Automated & bespoke invoice reminders

Accept multiple payment methods

Customise tax rates, currencies & more

Set custom prices for different customers

Contactless online bookings

Contactless online bookings

Empower customers  to manage their stored items from anywhere with our out-of-the-box re-branded and customisable user booking portal

Re-branded & customisable

Visual inventory management

Works seamlessly on any device

An on-demand solution for today's consumer

Add online bookings to your website in minutes

Profile, billing & invoice management

Customise, automate & integrate

Customise, automate & integrate

With customers of all types and sizes all over the world, Storeganise can be customised to meet all types of business needs

Flexible & customisable for all businesses

Comprehensive user & admin API

Localise language, tax, currency & more

Loads of existing 3rd party integrations

Customisable branded emails

Custom fields & custom workflows

Detailed insights

Comprehensive data analytics & reports help you keep track of all aspects of your business

Modern & intuitive

Simple, modern & intuitive user interface & operations flows make new user training a breeze

Quick setup

Get started in a matter of days including setup, customisation, data imports & deployment

World-class support

Sterling reviews from clients of all shapes & sizes from all corners of the world 


Data encryption, communication over HTTPS, secure authentication, rotatable API Keys, GDPR compliant & more

Work anywhere

Fully hosted, cloud based & mobile responsive means you can manage your business from anywhere in the world

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