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 Stuff-it Storage is revolutionising the storage industry, providing self storage, valet storage and mobile-storage solutions all digitally.

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→ Stuff-it Storage is revolutionizing the storage industry, providing self-storage, valet-storage and mobile-storage solutions all digitally.


→ Stuff-it’s main challenge was finding a single software solution that could cater to it’s self-storage, valet-storage and mobile-storage business needs.


→Self and Valet Storage Software


→ 1. Mobile and cloud-based system, allowing Store-It to interact digitally with its customers.

→ 2. Availability, attentiveness and personalised customer service from the Storeganise team, supporting Store-it during the implementation and expansion of its business plans.

→ 3. Inventory tracking, providing an easy-to-use platform for Store-it’s customers to track everything they store.

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The CustomerStuff-It Provides Offers Self, Valet and Mobile Storage

I developed a very different business model combining self, mobile, valet storage with and equity option. This is a highly fragmented industry which allows a disruptive business model an avenue to entry.  A $38 billion dollar industry annually which is driven by only 11% of the households in the U.S. We just started in March of 2020, and even with the virus we have accelerated certain revenue segments while still building others.

Why Storeganise?Storeganise Provides a Solution To Track Both Valet and Self Storage

Storeganise is the only generally available product that can track valet-storage and self-storage in the same program. The flexibility of the Storeganise system, the availability of the team to work through individual needs and adjustments, and the streamlined operating system was why I chose Storeganise.

The Challenge -Combining Self-Storage With Mobile and Valet, in One System

I needed to find one single solution that would combine self-storage with mobile and valet, and that could be easily implemented.

The Solutionthe Flexibility of the Storeganise System Allows Stuff-It To Meet All of Its Business Needs

The flexibility of the Storeganise system, and the availability of the team to work through individual needs and adjustments made the process of setting up my new business model much more  achievable than anticipated. The Storeganise team are attentive and the communication  in development and implementation is extremely helpful! Fully automated systems that allow touch less customer interface from a computer, tablet or phone is where the business is and will only increase in usefulness. This is the Storeganise system!

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Integrating into Storeganise

Communication was great considering all the distance and different questions that come up. Implementation was more simple than I anticipated. Miles and team were very helpful.