Stash Storage – Full Valet Storage Automation at It’s Finest

Stash focuses on the needs of it clients, extending their services beyond the basic concepts of storage through continuous innovation.

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→ Modern and efficient, STASH is transforming the storage industry by eliminating the pain, time and exorbitant costs. STASH offers free pick-up’s, and uploads photos of stored items into a virtual storage unit for each client.


→ STASH wanted to launch its service quickly, and immediately deliver a usable interface for its staff and clients.


→Valet-storage software


1. Process automation, enabling STASH to automate its bookings, payments and business tasks.

2. Online bookings, providing STASH with the ability to conduct a majority of its business digitally.

3. Inventory and delivery/collection tracking, giving STASH the ability to manage deliveries and collections with real-time job updates, entirely online.

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The CustomerSTASH Focuses on the Needs of Its Clients Beyond Storage

Modern and efficient, STASH is transforming the storage industry by eliminating the pain, time and exorbitant costs. Since our inception, we have grown more laser focused on the needs of clients – extending our service beyond the basic concept of storage.  This prompted us to focus on investing in community partners to allow our clients to do more with their stuff. For example, we have a new program with our local Goodwill called STASH & Share. Through this program our clients can select items that they no longer want to store. We then donate the item or items to Goodwill on their behalf.

Why Storeganise?STASH Values Storeganise’ Innovative and Adaptive Nature

We liked Storeganise’ specific focus on the storage industry and accessibility of their leadership team. We needed a software solution that addressed our specific market needs and was open to evolving and growing with our business.

The ChallengeLaunching a Modern and Efficient Service Quickly

We are a small start-up, so it was important that our software partner launch quickly and immediately deliver a usable interface for our staff and clients.

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The SolutionStoreganise Ensures STASH’s Ability To Manage Customer Needs

Storeganise has been a great partner throughout the launch and continued growth of our business. Their software is a critical component of our value proposition and ensures our ability to manage customer needs. Throughout our relationship, the Storeganise team has been very accessible and always willing to talk through anything from basic troubleshooting to thinking through potential product evolution.