– Streamlining Payments and Marketing Operations.

 How Storeganise Streamlines Spaceways Storage's Business Operations – Streamlining Payments and Marketing Operations.

Company Information

  • Company Name: Kelly’s Self Storage T/A SpaceWays Storage Services Ltd.
  • Head Office: Guildford, UK
  • Website: [


Spaceways Storage is an innovative self-storage company that offers box-based storage solutions. They provide customers with a box that, once packed, is collected and stored in a warehouse, and later redelivered upon request.

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Despite offering a seamless and hassle-free storage solution, especially for students and those living in compact spaces, they were confronted with several operational challenges. The company struggled with making simple operational changes, such as updating images or text on their booking platform. Moreover, the payment process was unduly complicated and posed considerable management difficulties.

Let’s see how Storeganise improved their business.

Accounting Improvements

Storeganise transformed Spaceways Storage’s operations, significantly easing the pain points related to their payment process. With Storeganise, Spaceways Storage was able to automate a large part of the payment process, making it more streamlined and efficient. The transition to accepting payments primarily through cards further simplified matters. This ease of operation was complemented by Storeganise’s intuitive design and robust support system.

Reflecting on the changes, one of the controllers at Spaceways Storage said: “The system is quite intuitive…The support provided is fantastic - we usually get a response to our emails within hours. The system also makes it easier to manage accounts, especially tracking payment history. You can see when a card payment failed and why.”

The controller added, “It’s absolutely brilliant. I think it’s so easy… The system itself is very intuitive… it’s just very easy and just lovely to use compared to the last system which was just horrendous.”

Marketing Improvements

From the marketing perspective, Storeganise offered significant improvements as well. The setup process was straightforward and quick, requiring minimal technical knowledge.

Branding elements such as logos and colors could be easily integrated, and tracking systems like Google Analytics 4 were installed effortlessly. Moreover, it simplified the customer journey by reducing complexity and streamlining options.

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Speaking about the implementation of Storeganise, a marketing representative from Spaceways Storage commented: “Setting up Storeganise was extremely easy. All we had to do was put the logo in the backend, apply it across the pages, insert our brand colors, and we were good to go. Installing the tracking was a breeze…The feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, especially in comparison to our competitors.”


Storeganise provided a comprehensive solution to Spaceways Storage’s operational challenges. From enhancing the payment process to simplifying platform changes and improving customer experience, Storeganise offered invaluable improvements. Its ease of setup and use has transformed Spaceways Storage’s operations, proving that the right software can make all the difference in business efficiency and customer satisfaction.