Right Away Storage: Streamlining All Aspects of Valet Order Creation Into One

Storeganise has helped RightAway Storage integrate all the logistics surrounding their Valet Storage business into one, including order creation, scheduling, inventory management and customer billing. 

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→ RightAway storage focuses on the needs of all customers, by offering self-storage, valet-storage and moving services.


→ RightAway Storage needed a single software that could handle all aspects of the valet-storage order creation.


→Self-Storage and Valet-storage software


→ 1. Online bookings to allow easy order creation from any device.

→ 2. Efficient inventory tracking, providing customers with a visual inventory of their belongings.

→ 3. Real-time delivery and collection tracking in order to control and fulfil customer orders effectively and efficiently.

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The CustomerRight-Away Storage Provides Customers With a Spectrum of Storage Options

RightAway Storage is a full service storage company that provides self-storage, valet-storage, and moving services.  We believe customers are looking for more in their storage company, and have seen an opportunity to serve these customers with a full service offering that can be tailored to meet their unique storage needs. RightAway Storage has grown from a business plan to a portfolio of operating properties with a pipeline of developments all built around the philosophy of providing our customers with a full spectrum of storage options.

Why Storeganise?Storeganise Efficiently Handles All Aspects of a Self and Valet Storage Business

For us, Storeganise’s software was a clear choice as it efficiently handles all aspects of the valet order creation, inventory/warehouse management, customer billing and more.

The ChallengeRightAway Seeked a Single Solution To Handle All Aspects of Valet-Storage Order Creation

For us, we needed a single software that could handle all the logistics surrounding our Valet Storage business including order creation, scheduling, inventory management, Customer billing and reporting. Storeganise addresses all of these needs for us.

The SolutionStoreganise Provides a Solution to All Valet-Storage Business Needs

1. User-friendly interface has allowed our customers to easily create orders online from any device.

2. Operations apps has allowed our team members to process, track and bill for the services offered

3. Automated and streamlined processes have allowed us to efficiently scale our valet-storage business and manage the whole process online.

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Integrating into Storeganise

We have rolled Storeganise’s software into our overall corporate process and integrated it into our front-end website seamlessly. Anytime, we have issues or questions, the Storeganise team has been very responsive and resolves it quickly.