Leveraging Storeganise for Innovative Self-Storage: A Case Study on Powered Parking & Storage

Leveraging Storeganise for Innovative Self-Storage: A Case Study on Powered Parking & Storage

Company Information


In a rapidly evolving market, standing out is more critical than ever. Powered Parking and Storage, a tech-driven automated storage facility based in Leland, North Carolina, embodies this ethos. One of the key factors behind their success is their use of Storeganise, a global property management system with a modern technology approach. In this case study, we explore how Storeganise has helped Powered Parking and Storage differentiate itself and streamline its operations.

Powered Parking and Storage is an automated storage facility co-managed by Eric Davis. The company differentiates itself by offering a unified digital experience, powered parking, flexible work units, and workshop containers for general contractors. In addition to the U.S., they are looking to expand their markets into Australia and New Zealand.

We’ve got a unified digital experience… we’ve done as much as possible to provide a very human experience but a very integrated technological experience. We chose Storeganise, their key differentiator for us is the open architecture ability to use our APIs to build what we really wanted " — Eric Davis, Powered Storage & Parking

Storeganise as a Central System

When setting up Powered Parking and Storage, Eric Davis identified two main reasons why they chose Storeganise: its international capabilities and its open architecture.

Storeganise’s international features, such as handling multi-currencies, made it a perfect fit for a company planning to expand beyond the U.S. Moreover, its open architecture allowed for seamless integration with various software and hardware solutions, including license plate readers, security cameras, unlocking software, and more. The team at Powered Parking and Storage could use their preferred hardware and software, not bound to a proprietary ecosystem.

The company’s technical partners found working with Storeganise’s API straightforward and efficient. They quickly learned how to connect key data points from the system for the business, enabling them to integrate essential features like picking up pictures, signing contracts, and pushing them back into Storeganise for future reference.

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Impact of Storeganise on Business Operations

The use of Storeganise has brought several benefits to Powered Parking and Storage. It offers a clean flow for users, making it easy for them to understand and navigate their storage needs. Furthermore, the software helps automate repetitive tasks, such as opening gates, allowing the team to focus on providing superior customer service.

The 24/7 accessibility of Storeganise ensures that no matter where their customers are located, they can always reach out to Powered Parking and Storage for any questions, concerns, or rentals. This around-the-clock support underscores the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Storeganise is very well established, they’re global, they’re already multi-currency, they’re used to supporting around the clock. “ — Eric Davis, Powered Storage & Parking

Advice for New Self-Storage Businesses

For those considering setting up a new self-storage business, Eric’s advice is clear: Don’t be afraid to take your own direction and leverage today’s programming, which is fairly easy and standardized. With Storeganise, businesses can easily automate processes and run things hands-off.

Moreover, it’s essential to anticipate future growth. This includes planning for potential expansion into different markets, as Storeganise’s multi-currency capabilities can be invaluable in this regard.

You always have to anticipate your future growth. I’d say give it a shot. Storeganise is very well established, they’re global, they’re already multi-currency, they’re used to supporting around the clock. " — Eric Davis, Powered Storage & Parking

Looking Forward

In the future, Powered Parking and Storage aims to better understand the most relevant data their customers want, whether it’s access to security camera feeds or insights into the temperature of their stored goods. They also plan to explore more niche storage options, such as cold storage. With Storeganise’s flexible capabilities, they are confident that they can adapt to these changes and continue to provide excellent service to their customers.


In summary, Storeganise has played a crucial role in the success of Powered Parking and Storage. Its international capabilities, open architecture, and user-friendly API have made it a perfect fit for a forward-thinking business. Eric Davis recommends Storeganise for other storage businesses, stating that it provides a superior customer experience, even compared to larger, more conventional solutions. As Powered Parking and Storage continues to grow, they look forward to leveraging Storeganise to continue providing an exceptional storage experience for their customers