Crampt LLC – Customer Friendly Valet Storage Software 

Crampt LLC provides on demand consumer full service storage that is continuously evolving to meet the needs of its customers. 

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→ Crampt provides on demand consumer full service storage.


→ Finding a valet-storage software solution that was consumer friendly


→ Valet-Storage Software


→ The operations app has made it easy for Crampt’s team to manage deliveries and collections, providing a better experience for its customers.

→ Automated Billing has allowed Crampt to collect recurring payments and revenue, which they believe is key.

→ The user-friendly interface has improved Crampt’s customer service, and makes it easy for its customers to request an item to be picked up or delivered.

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The CustomerCrampt Focuses on Providing Customer Support Every Step of the Way

Crampt provides on demand consumer full service storage. I own a document storage company so I’m familiar with the logistics and process involved with item tracking, pickup, and delivery. With Crampt, I was able to leverage my current document storage infrastructure to provide consumer storage services.

Why Storeganise?Storeganise Provides out of the Box Functionality

I chose Storeganise because it was very specific to our valet-storage model and provided out of the box functionality. The benefits most attractive to me include cloud-based hosting, automated payments, online inventory, pickup/delivery scheduling, and ease of use.

The Challengea Consumer Friendly Solution for Valet Consumer Storage

We searched everywhere to find a solution for on demand/valet consumer storage. There are plenty of options for self storage but none of them had the essential inventory and pickup/delivery features. We needed a consumer friendly solution that was similar to our document storage software. Storeganise checked all the boxes in terms of the features we needed.

The SolutionStoreganise Has Made It Easy for Both Crampt’s Team and Its Customers

Storeganise has made it easy for both our team and our customers. Therefore, the overall customer experience has improved. Recurring revenue is key and the software has made it painless to collect automated payments. We can’t afford to lose an item and Storeganise has provided us a process to barcode, track, and assign items to locations throughout our warehouse. In addition, it’s easy for a customer to request an item to be picked up or delivered.

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Integrating into Storeganise

Since Storeganise is cloud-based, integrating the software into our business was a painless process. The Storeganise team worked with us to customize auto responders and customer messaging. With the help of our customers and internal business needs, we started to uncover additional feature requests. As those needs arise, we communicate those requests to Storeganise and they consider implementing with each release.