Chaffinch Student

Chaffinch Student provides full-service storage solutions to international students in the UK, managing large volumes of deliveries, collections and re-delivery bookings. 

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→ Chaffinch Student provides full-service storage solutions to meet the unique needs of international students in the UK.


→ Chaffinch Student needed a streamlined solution that was flexible enough to cope with the peaks and troughs of their business needs.


→ Valet-Storage software


→ 1. Inventory and delivery tracking has allowed Chaffinch to effectively manage collections and deliveries of belongings to students across the UK.

→ 2. Customer log-in portal has meant that Chaffinch can better control the fluctuations in demand during the academic year.

→ 3. The cloud-based solution means that Chaffinch’s international customer base can access the portal and make changes from any location.

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The CustomerChaffinch Provides Storage Solutions to International Students in the UK

Chaffinch Student was set up in 2012  to service the unique needs of international students in the UK. Our operatives provide a full-service storage solution to the problem of how the international student population handles the storage and relocation of their belongings each year. As the majority of students do not have access to transport for their belongings, our collection service is un-rivalled in its convenience. We also offer international shipping services across the world, to help return belongings once the customer has finished their studies.

Why Storeganise?Storeganise Provides the Specific Functionality and Flexibility Needed To Assist Students

Due to the challenges in handling orders from large volumes of students, we needed a dedicated solution for the storage industry. Generic business management software did not provide the specific functionality and flexibility needed to assist students, who can be challenging to pin down! Storeganise offered a cloud-based solution, which was accessible via any device from any location. Together with the ability to automate monthly payments. Most importantly, as a seasonal business, we needed a solution that was flexible enough to cope with the peaks and troughs of our business needs.

The ChallengeManaging Large Volumes of Re-Delivery Bookings at Short Notice

Our main over-riding issue was to manage the huge volume of re-delivery bookings at the start of every term. These could come at short-notice, from any customer and for delivery to almost any UK address, which proved to be a logistical and administrative challenge.

The SolutionStoreganise Provided a Self-Service Portal To Better Manage Fluctuations in Demand

Storeganise helped us by offering students a self-service portal, accessed via our website, which meant that we were able to better control the fluctuations in demand and set some benchmark parameters.

1. Managing collections and deliveries.

2. Customer log-in portal

3. Automated payments

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Integrating into Storeganise

Our development team and Storeganise worked well to integrate the solution with our existing front-end infrastructure, which was no easy challenge. Customer service questions have always been answered quickly and effectively.