BinSwap Boosting Efficiency With Self Storage Process Automation

Process automation has allowed BinSwap to focus their efforts towards providing exceptional customer service.

Valet storage | Chicago, USA | 1 storage site |


→ BinSwap is a local Chicago valet storage company that started with Storeganise since its inception.


→ A complete, streamlined solution for valet-storage business needs


→Valet-storage software


→ 1. Process automation has allowed BinSwap to focus on their customers and building their business.

→ 2. Automated billing has reduced credit risks and management costs for BinSwap.

→ 3. Online bookings allow the BinSwap team to manage their bookings and reservations from any device and any place.

→ 4. Inventory and delivery/collection tracking means that BinSwap can track deliveries with real-time updates, ensuring a smooth and efficient service for its customers.

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The CustomerBinSwap Is Modernizing Valet-Storage in Chicago

BinSwap is a local Chicago valet storage company. The founders and long time friends combined their expertise in technology and passion for real estate with their business savvy to create a successful storage company.  BinSwap picks up, stores and returns bins to clients looking to create space in their homes or businesses. BinSwap has grown exponentially since its inception in 2018.  We’ve added bin rentals, a give back program, and most recently partnered with Malaprop Motors to  store motorcycles during the off season.

Why Storeganise?BinSwap Wanted Software That Offered Customization to Its Customers

We wanted a software program that was comprehensive with the ability to customize. Storeganise offered an excellent option for valet storage that suited our business plan perfectly.

The Challengea Complete, Streamlined Solution for Valet-Storage Business Needs

We wanted a software that provided a complete solution to our valet-storage business needs, streamlining all of our business needs from messaging, to online inventory and automated payments.

The SolutionStoreganise Has Streamlined the Process of Valet Storage

  1. Increased efficiency overall for the business

  2. Automated responses with customers, which has increased our customer service

  3. Online inventory is an amenity our customers love

Storeganise does the work so we can focus on our customers and building our business!

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Integrating into Storeganise

Storeganise customer service is top notch. Every time I reach out with questions I get a personalized response right away. The customer service team is knowledgeable and personalizes each response with what our specific needs entail.