Storeganise Q2 2023 Updates

New order summaries, improvements to invoicing and more.

Storeganise Q2 2023 Updates

We’ve just updated Storeganise for Q2 2023 with a few new features and improvements focused around unit move-ins.

These changes will be rolled out to users over a period of a few weeks and include.

  1. More accurate order summaries
  2. A single invoice for all customer charges
  3. The ability to follow up on incomplete orders and rent more units

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More Accurate Order Summaries

We improved the Storeganise booking proccess and added more transparency for customers booking units.

The customer will now see the exact amount they will be invoiced, including discounts, promo codes and taxes.

This update has already been added to all Storeganise instances.

A Single Invoice for All Customer Charges

Single invoice for all charges

We’ve combined invoices for different charges.

Now deposit, prepayments and rent are all collected in a single invoice, making things simpler and easier to understand.

Learn more about invoices in our Help Center: Invoices →

Never Lose a Potential Customer: Follow Up on Incomplete Orders

An abandoned checkout is when a customer starts the booking process but doesn’t finish, leaving their booking ‘abandoned’.

Tracking abandoned checkouts helps businesses understand customer hurdles and, through follow-ups, can turn unfinished bookings into successful sales.

You may know this functionality from hotel booking sites, rental car sites and web stores.

Storeganise now marks every booking that remains unfinished after 1 hour, allowing you to follow up on potential leads.

If you would like to have this permission turned on, please reach out to

Discover more about the incomplete order statuses →

Storeganise Roadmap

We made our roadmap public. Check out what's in store for our future releases. If there is an important feature missing from the roadmap, we invite you to send the request on the link below.

Visit Roadmap