Marketing Your Self Storage Facility Online

Selling and marketing is essential for running a successful self storage business. Here we break down 5 important steps to attracting and converting new leads and keeping them as long-term customers.

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Start With A User-Friendly Website

Creating an attractive, user-friendly website is one of the lowest price per lead marketing strategies your business can invest in.

Content is King

Understand what your users want to see, and use relevant, local language to engage with them.

Focus on Keywords

There are a lot of benefits of adding a blog to your website. The idea is to create content that features frequently searched words and content that your consumers are looking for. Using websites such as Google AdWords can be a great start. This is essential for on-site search engine optimisation (SEO).

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Backlinks are links that direct customers from other sites to yours. This is an essential part of off-site SEO and helps to increase your ranking on search engines.

Ensure your website works at a fast speed on both desktop and mobile

A simple website that you can use to test this on is Google’s Page Speed Insights.

Invest in PPC

Pay-per-click ads (also known as PPC) is a method of buying visits to your website. The best platforms for PPC marketing are Google (where you pay to place your website at the top of its rankings) and Facebook, where you can target your ads at potential customers. As long as you know your customers well (e.g age, interests, gender and location), Facebook can be a very effective means to attracting more leads. Overall, Facebook advertising for self storage business is a great way to easily engage with your target customer, yet is only effective if you do the proper research beforehand. Before deploying a lot of ad spend, make sure to test different messages, strategies and target audiences. When you find a combination that is working and driving real leads to your site, you can invest further in that strategy, but don’t forget to opimise.

Create a Social Media Strategy

Maintaining an active social media presence can be a great way to generate attention to your brand,  increase traffic to your website and engage with customers. A strong social media strategy can also enhance SEO due to the following reasons:

If you make high quality content that gains traction on social media, this can increase the number of backlinks to your website.

It Increases Your Customer Reach

The more potential customers you reach, the bigger your brand and therefore the more customers trust you. This can translate into a larger share of clicks on Google.

It Helps the Promotion

Using social media to create content can lead to links that can potentially rank organically on search engines.

Developing and fostering relationships with local businesses that are generating a lot of attention on social media can help to increase traction to your own business, thereby increasing brand awareness in your local area.

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Focus on Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews are a free and powerful marketing tool for your self storage business to engage with current customers and attract new ones. Online reviews on platforms such as Google, Yelp and Facebook are becoming increasingly popular, and are continuously growing in their market power. An effective way of bringing in new reviews is simply asking your tenants to leave a review (through integrated chatbots or emails ), and most often the ones who have had a memorable experience will do it. This is also a great opportunity to motivate you and your team to amp up your customer service skills and ensure you are providing the best experience possible.

Responding to reviews is just as important, and when responding to negative ones it is important to always remain professional and polite, rather than defensive. Responding to old reviews and letting them know about the new improvements available can be a great way to engage with and bring back old customers.

Start a Newsletter

All of the above-mentioned digital marketing channels can do wonders for your conversion rates, but email marketing has by far the best engagement rates. It’s not about spamming your subscribers with weekly updates, it’s about keeping them in the loop. Setting up a newsletter is easy, check out our short (but informative) email marketing guide for self storage businesses.

Test and Improve

Creating a plan to test out several online marketing options is important to understand which strategy is the most effective, and which ones don’t work for your business and customers. Put in the time, money and effort to implement your strategies, and measure them properly to test their full potential.

An effective marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily require a lot of money, with some of the most powerful marketing tools, such as online reviews and social media posts being free. Be smart, track the money you spend and make improvements accordingly so that you can maximise your marketing ROI.

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