Self Storage Marketing for the Holiday Season

Marketing advice to reduce vacant units over the winter season.

self storage marketing holiday season

Halloween is over, the pumpkins and skeletons go back in the closet, and there is this sound, it’s Mariah Carey and Micheal Bublé stirring in the distance. Yes, the Holiday Season is nearing. Winter is a low-demand time for self storage, but with these tips for your marketing, you can make sure that your revenue streams won’t freeze up.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Start advertising your self storage actively in autumn. Think about the many things potential renters will need. Typically, those who sign up this season are long-term renters and will stay until summer. It’s a perfect opportunity to get in customers to keep your units occupied over winter. Typically renters will be searching for storage for various seasonal items. Everything is possible, from small things, like summer clothes and beach supplies, to motor vehicles and boats.

Advertise your safe parking spaces for boats, motorcycles, or convertibles until warmer days. Consider adding value-add services, like a rental charger for motorcycle batteries or climate-controlled units to keep the temperature about 10°C (50°F) to keep them safe. Speaking of climate-controlled units – they are a great place to store all kinds of seasonal gear. So make an emphasis in your marketing about the types of units available. Hobbies are a matter of the heart, and emotions make good selling arguments. No one wants their expensive outdoor gear to get damaged because of extreme temperature and inadequate storage.

Urban apartment dwellers are a particularly attractive choice. They suffer most from a lack of adequate storage options at home – no spacey attic, nor garage. If you are not already doing it, consider partnering with apartment complex managers to advertise your services to both new and existing tenants.

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Tropical Birds

Gear and vehicles are not the only ones experiencing seasonality. Many residents of cold areas move south or where it’s warmer for the winter months. These are usually well-off middle-aged or retired demographics. Traditional marketing methods, like mail-in and print advertisement, can bring in many returning customers to your business.

Business Customers

While holidays are a low season for self-storage, it’s high season for other businesses, which is an opportunity. Self storage is a convenient and flexible option for stock management. Advertise your empty units as extra inventory space. A short-term lease is better than a vacant unit. Contact your existing customers and offer additional storage upgrades to hold the extra wares for a few months. Do not forget about new customers either: Toy stores, clothes stores, electronics stores, and other small businesses in your area that will experience more traffic. These seasonal customers can easily become recurring or even permanent tenants. As we saw in our recap of the Annual Self Storage Survey, a solid portion of self-storage customers are businesses. You can further increase your profits by offering additional attractive services, like valet storage. With Storeganise, you can manage Valet Storage with a few clicks from any location and any device.

Attract Customers With the Right Messages

Aside from special holiday deals, we have other suggestions for your advertisement to attract customers. Take your pick.

  • Self-Storage as a place to hide presents- It’s the same every year – thwarting present snoopers, finding hiding places. Your customers can cut to the chase by hid… storing everything in a unit.

  • Getting guest rooms ready- Be it Thanksgiving, be it New Year, be it any other occasion – loved ones and friends will be staying over. Guest bedroom closets and drawers are a favorite place to keep all the stuff that has no other place to live. Or does it? All that stuff can live in a self-storage unit, and the guest room can have space for the guests for once — a win-win.

  • Self-Storage to keep things that get in the way- Most people have way more decorations than they can effectively use. Most also need to move furniture to make space for a tree or other ornaments. Self storage is a safe and convenient place to hold the coffee table or the armchair that was just in the way of an otherwise perfect, festive living room.

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Repairs and Maintenance

After you have filled in all the units, you can possibly fill; the winter season is an excellent time to go over those repairs and maintenance jobs that you didn’t have time for in the busy seasons. Good examples are upgrading to energy-efficient LED light fixtures or annual maintenance in your HVAC system. These jobs don’t bring in money, but they will help you save on expenses for the upcoming years.

Happy Holidays with Storeganise

With Storeganise, you can automate every aspect of your service – billing, invoicing, booking, moving, and many more. Your operations will become more efficient, and you can focus on promoting it and growing it. You will also have more time to spend with those who matter over the holidays.

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