The Power of User Experience: Turning Leads Into Customers

Learn how a user-friendly customer portal is essential to providing the perfect user experience for your customers. 

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Andrew Work, Executive Director of the Self Storage Association Asia sat down with Miles Davison, CEO & Co-Founder of Storeganise to discuss how software can optimise selfs torage operators’ ability to manage their sites. Click here to view the original interview.

When Self-Storage Operators Are Looking at Implementing a Software Solution, What Should They Consider in Terms of Translating Their Strategy Into a Suitable Customer Journey?

The first thing is always sitting down and understanding what the business needs:

  • What are the challenges?
  • What are the processes?
  • What are their goals for the business in terms of the whole customer experience?

One of the core elements of Storeganise is our new customer portal. It provides seamless experience from the website into the customer’s booking flow, into the client being able to login to view their units, upsell them on products and different bookings in different facilities, profile information billing and so on. So all of that comes together in the new customer portal that we’re offering.

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The Customer Journey Is Really Important, but What’s Also Important for Operators Is Making Sure That Any New Software That They Bring In Integrates With Any Software That They Have in Place. What Software Features Should Self-Storage Owners Look For

Our mantra has always been that we want to be a very open platform.

We have an open API that allows custom integrations for companies that need that, but we’ve also built in other tools.   This feature allows every developer to automate tasks and flow information between Storeganise to other systems and back, to create the perfect ecosystem without having to:

  • a) spend too much money on development and
  • b) add too many manual tasks around that.

Is It Important for Software To Work With Other Digital Marketing Tools, Such As Search Engine Optimisation?

The information that you can gather from your website in terms of your search engine marketing, social media marketing and how that converts leads into customers is important. But then how does that journey continue through the booking process?

  • We’ve integrated in with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Segment and Facebook Pixel so that you can have all of these different metrics to track the journey.
  • With tools like Google Tag Manager and Segment, you can do a lot of deep data analytics, and more specific parts of the customer behavior where they are interacting with the platform.  For example;
  • What’s pushing them out of the funnel?
  • What’s pushing them through the funnel?
  • This data allows our customers to tweak and also allows us to continue to evolve the platform to make it as user friendly as possible and to continue to improve that customer journey through the flow.

Data Analytics Are Really Important Now. What Should Managers and Senior Executives Be Looking for in a Software Solution To Help Them Understand What’s Happening in Their Business?

For management to have a really good insight is obviously critical, so we have really deep data analytics and interactive analytics that can drive that. Another key component is automation. Allowing companies to have the option so they can choose how and what parts of the flow they want to automate. If they want to have fully unmanned facilities they can then automate the move-in process fully for that site, allowing a really hands-off experience both for the customer and manager. This allows the management to manage multiple businesses with little manpower and remotely.

Is It Important To Be Able To Simplify the Data, and if So What Data Would You Recommend That Managers Look At?

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One of the things that we offer is the ability to:

  • A) Custom dashboards for different companies that have very specific requirements for different investors and
  • B) The ability to pick the different types of sites or the different data that they want.  You can get an overview for the whole portfolio or you can break down that data and just show the facilities within the northeast or the northwest. For local site managers, they don’t need all that data and it’s probably distracting for them, so we have site level analytics for them, a more broken down focused view of what it really drives their business needs.

How Storeganise Can Help

Storeganise’s out-of-the-box customer portal can be added onto a website within 2-3 minutes, so you’re ready to go with online bookings, contactless, fully automated bookings within minutes.  Book a demo with us here to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is User Experience (UX) in the Context of the Self Storage Industry?

User experience (UX) refers to a potential customer’s overall experience when interacting with a self storage business’s website, digital platforms, and services. It encompasses factors such as website responsiveness, ease of navigation, interactive tools, functional customer portals, informative content, and overall satisfaction throughout the customer journey.

What Is the Power of User Experience Design?

User experience design can significantly impact how users interact with products, services, and digital platforms. A well-crafted UX design can enhance usability, boost user satisfaction, increase engagement, and drive conversions. It considers user preferences, behaviours, and expectations, resulting in intuitive and easy experiences that build lasting customer connections.

What Is the Role of User Experience in Enhancing Customer Experience?

User experience plays a significant role in enhancing customer experience. A positive user experience contributes to a positive customer experience by ensuring that the customer’s needs and expectations are fulfilled in the best manner. It can increase customer loyalty, enhance engagement, and boost customer retention rates.

What Are the Effects of Customer Experience?

Customer experience has a significant impact on a business’s success. Positive customer experiences lead to increased customer loyalty, brand awareness, and repeat business. On the other hand, negative customer experiences can result in lost customers, negative reviews, and damage to the brand’s image.

How Does a Positive User Experience Impact Customer Conversion Rates?

A positive user experience significantly influences customer conversion rates in the self storage industry. When potential customers find a website easy to navigate, informative, and visually appealing, they are more likely to engage further and convert into paying customers. A smooth and intuitive user experience builds trust, enhances credibility, and encourages prospects to take action.

What Are Some Common User Experience Challenges Self Storage Businesses Face in Converting Leads Into Customers?

Self storage businesses often face challenges related to complex website navigation, lack of user-friendly tools, unclear pricing information, and difficulty finding relevant storage unit details. Balancing a visually appealing design with functional usability can also be a challenge.