Maximising Self Storage Website Conversion

Your self storage businesses’ website is arguably the most important thing that brings in new customers. In this article, we list key design considerations, and pitfalls to avoid.

self storage customer conversion

Your website is often the first touchpoint between you and your future customers. It brings in new and helps existing tenants with their problems. As a result, the design and content you use on your website are key components of an excellent user experience. A site with a bunch of fun features might look nice, but it has to also find a way to effectively have potential customers turn into renters. Here are a few tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid when you’re working on maximising your website’s customer conversion.

Function and Design Considerations

A good website has to be easy to use but also easy on the eye, here are some pointers:

Clear USP

Your USP (unique selling proposition, is what sets your business apart from all of your competitors. It’s the single reason why potential customers should choose to rent with your company as opposed to your competitor. Holding that much importance means that it should be shown clearly on your website. This is done in a variety of ways, but the most popular and easy to implement way is to have your USP put on a banner at the top of your homepage. That way, customers are instantly given your company’s elevator pitch as soon as they land on your site. If you do enough, they’ll give you the time of day and explore your website and services in more depth.

Clear calls-to-action

Calls-to-action are specific prompts on a website that direct the customer to do a specific action or click a specific button. These will often come in the form of a button taking customers to a separate page to get a quote for your services, or to instantly book a unit. What works for your website might not be immediately clear, so it’s important that you test which calls-to-action prompts perform the best, including specific wordings of the same prompt. It’s also important that you are relatively frugal with how many prompts you place. You want these buttons to stand out, and also to nudge the customer along their buyer journey, having too many will saturate the page and lower the perceived value of each.

Page speed and responsiveness

Consumers nowadays value convenience and ease more than ever, so it’s imperative that your website runs smoothly and doesn’t contain visible performance issues. This might mean you have to lose some more complicated graphics or animations, but in a majority of cases, the customer will value the website’s functionality over its aesthetic quality. Furthermore, having your website functional on mobile will bump up its convenience as well. If your page is slow and makes it hard to get a hold of your company, customers will just move on to your competitors.

Consistent look and feel

Of course, all this functionality doesn’t and shouldn’t come at the cost of your website looking and feeling good. It doesn’t have to win any web design awards, but make sure that it doesn’t look too stuck in the past. Make your pages simple, elegant and responsive. Customers will prioritise functionality over design, but not in extreme cases. Don’t let your website be an extreme case.

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Pitfalls to Avoid

On top of those tips, these are some basic errors to avoid:

Overcomplicating or oversimplifying the site

It’s hard to say specifically how much content or extraneous design features you should include, but adding anything to the website should serve one of two purposes:

  1. tell potential customers why they should use your services
  2. make the website feel better in its functioning

Again, the criteria for these two purposes is vague but it’s always better to be on the side of simplicity while still having the most important selling points advertised.

No understanding of buyer’s journey and customer demographics

One of the most important lessons is to know what your customers will want or what questions they might ask when they land on your webpage. If they’re on your site, they have at least some interest, so try to answer all of those potential questions as soon as you can. Get a good grasp of your current customer demographics as well as who you want to target. Use that knowledge to customise your calls-to-action, choose what content goes on your page, and create a much clearer path to conversion.

Web Page design is crucial these days in getting new tenants and keeping existing customers. Your site is often the first point of contact for new customers, so knowing how to maximise customer conversion is vital for scoring more renters. Hopefully the tips above will give you a starting point on where to tweak your company’s website.

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