How To Improve Self Storage Website UX – A 1 Minute Rundown.

 User experience is quite the buzz word. We have put together actionable advice to make sure your customers have a good one.

self storage website UX

Everyone is keen to give their users the best experience: Happy customers are returning customers. Everyone is trying to differentiate through their expertise. In short – everyone is talking about it. We have removed the marketing speak and have for you three actionable tips.

Plot your Customer Journey

Do you know how your customers see you? Find out with a customer journey. This is the whole process and includes every interaction your customer has with you. The best way to identify pain points in your business is to go through the journey yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer who is looking for self storage in their location. Even better, ask an unrelated friend to play your customer. Pay attention not only to pain points but also delights that the customer could come across. Here are some guiding questions:

  1. How easy is your business to find online? Is all the relevant information available?

  2. How hassle-free is the booking process for the customer?

  3. Can the customer quickly contact you if they have problems?

  4. Do you have redundancies in your customer journey?

  5. What would you want to be different?

  6. What went really well?

Write up a list of all customer touchpoints and assign them the pain points and delights you identified.

Prioritize Pain Points

You cannot solve all the pain points. Take one or two that have the most impact. Use the Pareto Principle as a rule of thumb: 20% input generates 80% of output. Solving 20% impactful pain points will remove 80% of the issues your customers face. Instead of addressing all problems at once, it is better to focus your time and investment on fixing one or two for good. Then move to the next and the next. Keep your customer vision goggles on from the beginning because the most impactful pain point for you could be different from the one for the customer. Your goal is to provide a better and smoother experience for your target customer.

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Use the delights in your marketing

Don’t focus only on the negatives. You identified strengths during the journey – build on them. Say you find out that your booking process is exceptionally efficient and quick. This is good enough for now. But it would be best if you kept an eye out for new developments. You don’t want your competitor to overtake you and take this strength away from you.

You can also use the delights as a sales argument in your marketing. Do you have a wide loading bay? Advertise it! Do you have an accessible booking process? This can gain you new customers and give you an edge over the competition.


Managing Your Self Storage With Storeganise

At Storeganise, we want to help you level up your UX game. Bring your self storage business to the next level with modern software: automatic collections, payments, and bookings. Your customers can book and manage automatically from any device and any location. Make their journey more smooth and give them a delightful customer experience.

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