Simple Ways To Improve Your Self Storage Customer Service

Customer service is vital for self storage companies. Here are some key tips to make sure your customer experience is at its best.

self storage customer service

As a self storage operator, you’re aware that customer service is vitally important, but do you know how to improve yours? If a potential customer walks in, they’re ready to either rent a unit or walk away depending on the service they get. Customer service is what makes or breaks a deal with a potential tenant. Have yourself and your staff well informed in best practices as it naturally leads to more rentals. Here are a few easy ways to improve your facility’s customer service experience.

Be Accessible. Always.

First off, make sure either you or one of your staff is ready to handle a potential tenant when they walk through the gates. While it’s inevitable that a customer comes in when your staff is stretched thin, you can still make your presence felt, either with a ‘Be Right Back’ sign saying when you will be back or having your personal phone number on display for customers to call. Knowing that you and your staff are doing everything you can do to respond to their needs will make them feel wanted. Self-service kiosks allow the customer to browse your services on their own, but also make sure to check in on them personally to add a friendly touch.

Help Out on Site

Seems simple, but actually helping your customers with boxes when they’re moving in and out can go a long way. Your customer service has to centre around making their life as easy as possible, so having staff physically help ticks both boxes. Another easy way to make their experience more enjoyable is to have snacks as well as refreshments easily available. Whether this is at the main facility office or taken to them, they will definitely appreciate the gesture after moving heavy boxes on a sunny day.

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Be Responsive on All Platforms

While being helpful and friendly to customers on-site is obviously a must, arguably the next best thing you can do to get more rentals is to always be responsive to calls as well as on social media. In both scenarios, the potential customer has moved past just researching online and has actively reached out to you. Giving them the information they need accurately and quickly is what will seal the deal. Employing a call centre is a surefire way to make sure no call goes unanswered, and constantly checking social media means you won’t be letting any potential customers slip through the cracks. Don’t forget to set up your facility on local listings.

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Communicate Often and Clearly

Make sure to constantly stay in touch with existing customers as well as past ones, even if you’re not trying to sell them anything. Especially in times like these, a quick call or message can mean a lot. Try to remember the little things they’ve told you, and bring them up in conversation. Nurturing these relationships will go a long way in keeping their business, as well as improving your overall customer experience. You can also use emails for larger occasions, such as customer birthdays, special offers, or announcements about the facility. Leverage your newsletter subscribers and email list to revamp your sales.

Pandemic Precautions

With the pandemic still very much on customer’s minds, it’s important that you are following the latest government guidelines. Having your facility COVID ready isn’t just about frequent sanitation. Make your policies on COVID clear with visible signage for masks and social distancing markers. It’s also important that your staff are trained and ready to enforce your policies on any customers not abiding by them. Not only does this make your business come off as socially responsible, but it will also make sure the customer knows you’re doing everything you can to alleviate any health concerns.

Listen Properly and Be Empathetic

Engaging with potential and existing customers starts by actively listening to their needs. While your job is still primarily sales, you won’t be able to properly fulfil your customers’ requirements if you aren’t absorbing and retaining what they are saying. Ask specific questions that relate to what they’re looking for, and show to them you are listening through affirmations. Further, listening properly will naturally lead to you being more empathetic. Self-storage is often needed when customers are in a time of stress, so actively listening and showing compassion towards their situation will go over well.

Do the Little Things Right

While all the above are important, you mustn’t forget to do all the little things that make a customer’s experience more enjoyable. These can range from something as small as standing to attention and smiling when they walk in, to giving long-time customers a discount. Move-in day is also always stressful for the tenant, so a small thank you card in their unit will let them know that you appreciate their business.

Customer service is vital to attracting potential tenants as well as retaining existing customers. Make sure that your facility and your staff are well prepared to make your customers’ experience with your business as easy and stress-free it can be.

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