How Often Do Storage Units Get Broken Into? The Facts

As a business owner or self storage user, you must ensure your units are safe.

How often do self storage units get broken into

Self storage units are popular. People rave about the valuable benefits of keeping your stuff at a storage facility. According to an estimate, around 2.28 per cent of the people were using a self storage unit in the UK, while 6.19 per cent were considering using it within the next 12 months.

With the increasing number of self storage users, concerns about self storage security are also rising. People renting a storage unit need to think to themselves “how often do storage units get broken into?” This is an important concern for the self storage business as well.

This guide focuses on self storage security and answers all your questions. Keep reading to explore some exciting insights.

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How Often Do Storage Units Get Broken Into?

Whether you are a customer or a self storage business owner, you need to know how often storage units get broken into to evaluate self storage security. Some storage units are more prone to theft and burglaries than others. Such storage facilities do not have efficient security systems, making them attractive to thieves.

On the other hand, storage units with adequate security measures are safe from break-ins. Before renting a storage unit, you must inquire about the risk and frequency of break-ins at that particular storage facility.

How often do storage units get broken into?

Common Types of Burglaries at a Self Storage Unit

Before you look for tips to secure your storage unit, you must know the types of threats that exist. The following are the two most common types of burglaries that may happen at a storage facility. You must keep an eye on them and take measures accordingly to prevent them.

Lock Cutting

This is probably the most common and easiest type of burglary at a storage house. As the name refers, the thieves cut the lock of a storage unit to gain unauthorised access to your belongings. They deprive the storage unit holders of their valuable items and silently get away with the theft.

This type of theft often occurs at storage facilities with an inefficient monitoring system of security measures such as CCTV cameras and self storage software for remote control.

Going through Units

In this type of burglary, a person rents a storage unit as a regular customer and uses it to access other storage units illegally. The burglar may cut through the walls or go over them to access storage units that are not frequently visited. They steal the items and proceed to the other storage unit.

This type of burglary goes unnoticed for a long time since no lock is broken. Good surveillance cameras and efficient monitoring systems can prevent this type of burglary.

How Do You Keep Thieves out of Storage Units? Tips for Businesses

If you want to maintain a profitable self storage business and build a strong customer base, you need to make security your priority. Here are some tried and tested tips that all successful self storage businesses follow to create a safe storage facility for customers.

Foolproof Fencing

The first step to a secure storage facility is a secure point of entry for customers, which is a visual warning for burglars. You can opt for any modern access system that integrates with your self storage software, but if the fencing is your weak point, you’re falling short.

If your storage facility has multiple points of entry, ensure there’s security on all of them. You must monitor every individual and vehicle entering and leaving the facility. This allows you to stop unauthorised access right at the entrance.

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An automated self storage management system streamlines the point of entry security by keeping a record of entrants. They even allow you to control who can enter the facility and who cannot.

CCTV Cameras

This is more of a must-have feature rather than an add-on to your security system. CCTV cameras allow round-the-clock monitoring of the entire storage facility right in front of your screen. The advanced technology helps you spot security issues quicker so that you can take necessary measures to resolve them.

They offer remote access to your storage facility so that you can keep an eye on it even when you are not present at the facility. Once you have installed CCTV cameras, do not forget to upgrade them timely so ensure the best security.

Effective Lock System

It’s a no-brainer that your self storage facility and each storage unit in it needs an effective lock system. They are crucial for the overall security of the storage facility as well as the safety of the belongings of your customers. Opt for a smart lock system instead of the traditional padlocks that are easy to cut off.

Disc locks and cylinder locks and latch systems are also popular safe types of lock. The better the lock system, the better impression your customers will get and resultantly, you can build a better image in front of your customers.

How Can I Make My Storage Unit More Secure? Tips for Customers

The security of a storage unit is an important concern that you must consider as a customer. To keep your belongings safe in a storage unit, you must ensure that your storage unit is secure. Here are some practical and effective tips to ensure the security of your belongings.

Choose a Secure Facility

The first step to a secure storage unit is a secure storage facility. Choose a self storage business wisely after analysing its security arrangements. Visit the facility at different times of the day to examine its security system. Don’t forget to visit it at night to see if there is adequate lighting.

Ask the owner or the manager about the security measures they take to keep your units secure. Also, ask them how often storage units get broken into and who is responsible for the resulting loss.

The ideal storage facility must have 24/7 surveillance, an integrated alarm system, reliable self storage software for remote management and restricted access to the facility.

It’s probably correct to assume that if the facility has their self storage marketing on point, they also invest into their security.

Use the Strongest Locks

Many storage facilities allow customers to use their own locks or choose them themselves. In either situation, you must choose the strongest lock that can protect your storage unit. A disc lock is considered secure compared to common types of padlocks.

Avoid using locks with long shackles, as they are easy to cut using a bolt cutter. Whatever lock you choose, keep the access to yourself only. Avoid handing over the key to someone else, as it is easy to duplicate keys and break into a storage unit without breaking the lock.

Visit Your Storage Unit Often

Burglars often break into storage units that are locked for a long time, when the owner does not visit the storage unit often. This creates an opportunity for them to steal valuable items without getting noticed for a long time.

Experts advise visiting your storage unit at least once a month to make it secure. Do not follow a regular pattern of visiting, such as at the end of the month or Sundays. Instead, plan sudden visits at varying times of the day. This keeps burglars away from your storage unit and enhances its security.

List Down Your Inventory

This security measure may not seem to secure your storage unit, but it keeps you updated. People often do not notice their belongings slowly being stolen out of their storage units until it’s too late. How would you know which items are missing unless you keep a record of items in your storage unit?

What are the common storage problems?

Therefore, it is better to list your inventory and check it every time you visit your storage unit. A pro tip is to label all boxes so that it is easier to check if everything is in its place. You may also take a picture of the storage unit and match it with the previous one.

Store Valuables at the Back

Although it is recommended not to store valuables such as money or jewellery in a storage unit, you may still have some items more valuable than others. Place such items at the back of the storage unit. You can also consider placing them inside something bigger such as a cupboard or drawers of the table.

This is an effective tip to save your most valuable items from “cash and grab theft”. This refers to the type of burglary where thieves quickly steal whatever looks the most valuable at a glance.

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Automate Self Storage Management

The security of self storage units is a crucial issue both for customers and businesses. You must take the necessary measures to maintain it. The practical tips discussed in the blog can help you ensure security of your storage unit.

As a self storage business, Automating self storage facility operations management can eliminate lots of storage security problems. You do not even need to worry about how often storage units get broken into when yours is secure under 24/7 surveillance. Choose a trusted self storage management software and enjoy a secure self storage experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Secure Is a Storage Unit?

A storage unit is usually a safe space to store your belongings and prevent them from theft and burglaries. Individuals and businesses can keep their excess stuff in a storage unit till the time they need it. A well-maintained storage unit equipped with modern technology is usually secure for storing your goods.

Can You Break the Lock on the Storage Unit?

You can break the lock on the storage unit only if it is your storage unit and the authorities permit it. Sometimes, they ask you to hire a professional to do it, while others may allow you to break your storage unit’s lock.

Will Clothes Get Ruined in a Storage Unit?

No, clothes will not get ruined in a storage unit if you have washed and dried them properly before putting them in the storage unit. Pack them in bags to avoid any odour, especially if you are not using a climate-controlled storage unit.

What Are the Most Overlooked Self Storage Risks?

The most overlooked self storage risks include theft, fire, break-ins, hidden costs, inadequate surveillance, and environmental risks.

What Should You Not Leave in a Storage Unit?

You should not leave any important documents, jewellery, documents having personal information, money, and valuable items in a storage unit. You should also not store any illegal items (naturally). It is better to keep such items in a locker at a bank or any other safe place dedicated to storing valuable items.

What Happens if You Sleep in a Storage Unit?

You cannot sleep in a storage unit as it is not permissible and illegal. If you sleep in a storage unit without the consent of the authorities, you may have to face legal consequences.

What Does a Red Lock on a Storage Unit Mean?

A red lock on a storage unit means that your rental payment is past due, and the owner has denied access to your storage unit. You can only get access to your unit after paying the rent so that the tenant removes the red padlock with the regular one.

Will Pictures Get Ruined in a Storage Unit?

No, pictures will not get ruined in a storage unit if you pack them the right way and observe the necessary precautions. Keep them in water-resistant packaging and away from hot and humid climates.

Are Mice Common in Storage Units?

Mice are common in storage units that are not completely sealed. Mice can find their way into such storage units leading to a serious rodent infestation. Deep cleaning and spraying the entire storage help in such a situation.

Will Furniture Mould in a Storage Unit?

No, furniture will not mould in a storage unit as long as you pack it well and the humidity levels in the storage unit are lower than 50%. On the other hand, if the furniture is exposed to humidity, it will mould.

Why Do People Abandon Their Storage Units?

Usually, people abandon their storage units because they cannot afford the rental expenditure. Even if the rental payment is not too high, the accumulated amount over some months or years can become unaffordable for people.

What Are the Common Storage Problems?

The common problems associated with a self storage unit are unsuitable location, incompetent staff, theft, humidity damage, and transportation issues.