The Benefits of Adding a Blog to Your Self Storage Website

Blogging can be invaluable for driving online traffic to your self storage company, here are the benefits.

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Blogging might seem slightly intimidating and pointless at first, but in reality adding a blog to your self storage businesses’ website is a simple and effective method to drive online traffic and engagement. With technology already being such a vital component of modern business, blogging only adds an extra layer of content that you can successfully market to your customer base.

Benefits Of Adding A Blog To Your Self Storage Website

Increasing Online Visibility and SEO

In a business environment where everything digital dominates, increasing your visibility online is arguably the most important factor to consider when trying to grow or market your company. This is where blogs are extremely helpful. According to Optimonster, companies who blog have 97% more links back to their website. With every blog post published, the number of indexed pages on your website increases, thereby increasing your website’s online footprint. Search engines like Google will often favor sites with a larger footprint, so adding blogs to your website will directly improve your company’s search engine rankings. Further, researching SEO keywords and implementing them in your blogs will make it even easier to beat out competitors in search engine results.

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Cultivating a Brand

Having a blog doesn’t only increase visibility, but it gives your company a distinct opportunity to further cultivate your brand. Blogging allows you to direct how you want your customers to perceive your company, especially if you’re providing expert knowledge in the field. Blogging also allows you to engage with your customers more personally, by way of comments and sharing across social media platforms. Being engaged with your customer base this way might encourage others to read more of your blog, or perhaps get them to engage with you directly.

Sharing Your Knowledge

As a business owner, you have valuable knowledge about your industry and blogging is the perfect outlet for sharing that information. Especially as self storage demand often comes from drastic life events, your customers will often need guidance for how to best navigate downsizing or moving through self storage solutions. Providing customers with these solutions can improve your customer service to the next level and make their experience with your company more enjoyable. On top of the improved customer service, sharing your expert knowledge also shows to your customer base that your company is reliable and experienced in this field, cultivating a trustworthy brand in the eyes of potential customers.

Providing Social Media Content

Another major plus that comes with blogging is that it automatically provides you with content that you can then share on your social media platforms. Posting these blogs on social media make them extremely easy to share and makes your company more accessible to your customer base. Platforms like Facebook make it very simple for potential customers to message questions or comment about certain blogs that you have shared, helping create a more cohesive community for your clients.

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Overall, blogging on your website opens a great number of opportunities for your company, ranging from increasing your online visibility to gaining more engagement through social media. While it might seem like a big-time commitment at the start, if you are able to consistently write posts appealing to your customer base, you will see the benefits of the increased traffic over time.

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