Storeganise integrates with a number of amazing products and services. We are constantly adding more integrations and partners to Storeganise so if you don’t see something listed here that you are interested in, please just reach out to us.

Some services like Zapier and Segment provide you with a single gateway through which you can integrate Storeganise with thousands of other applications and further automate business processes.


If you are looking to build custom integrations or do something different, Storeganise’s REST API is available for both admin app and user app allowing a tonne of flexibility. Super simple to use and fully documented.


Automated billing across various gateways and payment methods

  • Stripe payments

    Seamless charging across numerous payment methods in 38+ countries

  • GMOPG payments

    Credit card & bank deduction automated payments in Japan

  • Cybersource payments

    Payment acceptance in 190+ countries and territories globally


    Supports automated payments throughout Australia (part of CBA)

  • Finverse

    Automating bank, card & wallet payments across Asia

Access Control

Automatic synchronisation of access control systems for rentals updates, access codes and lock-out for overdue payments

  • PTI security systems

    40+ years providing self storage access control systems

  • Nokē by Janus International (noke)

    Remotely controlled electronic smart lock with Nokē by Janus International

  • Sensorberg

    Future-proof digital access control systems by Sensorberg

  • Salto KS

    Cloud-based access control, for any company type or size

  • Bearbox

    Web-based access control & site monitoring

  • Rubik padlock management app

    An affordable combination padlock management app providing instant mobile access to units

  • Entryfy secure access control

    Secure access control, directly from your smartphone

  • OpenTech Alliance

    Access control gate keypads for every size and style of self storage facility

  • SecuSwitch

    Secure access and monitoring via smartphone

  • SC Solutions

    Access control systems for self storage

  • Sedisto

    Leveraging digitalisation to uplift the storage industry

  • StorAxxS

    One vertically integrated access control solution for self storage facilities

Customer Portal

Track and better manage conversions and customer interactions

  • Facebook ads pixel

    Add your Facebook pixel to easily track conversions from your ad campaigns

  • Segment

    Use Segment to integrate with 300+ tools & maximise your customer data  

  • Google Tag Manager

    Add custom code to your booking portal, connect advanced analytics and more.

  • Google Analytics

    Track web traffic and conversions with this popular analytics suite from Google.


Various other tools and integrations to optimise your business operations and customer service

  • Azure SSO

    Implement single sign on with Microsoft Azure Active Directory SSO

  • Zapier

    Zapier allows you to integrate & automate workflows with over 2,000 apps including Xero, Quickbooks, Google apps, etc

  • Zendesk CRM

    Engage, manage & support customers through Zendesk CRM

  • Prorize

    Prorize is a global leader in dynamic pricing solutions

  • Calcumate

    Calcumate's storage calculator is the perfect add-on for bookings right into Storeganise

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