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Contactless online bookings

Increase conversions, automate bookings and impress your customers with our out of box re-branded customer booking portal

  • Online bookings

    Customers can view, manage & automatically book storage in just a few clicks

  • Automated payments

    Automate your collections by having customers add & manage their payment methods when booking

  • E-sign

    Get your clients to electronically sign their self-storage agreement when booking a unit from any device

  • Mobile-responsive

    Cloud-based & mobile friendly allowing your customers to book & manage storage from anywhere

  • Rebranded & customisable

    Customised to your brand with product options, images & settings managed easily in the Operations App

  • Profile management

    Customers can update contact details & other information from their profile page

  • Open API

    Integrate your own customised booking portal or use the API for other custom integrations

  • Visual inventory

    Give your customers the ability to add photos & descriptions to each item they store

  • File uploads

    Create your own custom fields & get your to upload address proof, images, ID copies, etc during sign-up

  • Invoices

    Users can view & pay for all their invoices directly from the Customer App

  • Integrations

    Google Analytics, Segment & other integrations allow you to analyse data & add 3rd party apps like chat bots

  • Multiple languages

    Available in more than 9 languages with additional languages easily added in a matter of days

  • Management portal

    A modern, cloud-based and mobile-responsive interface to seamlessly manage all aspects of any valet and self storage business

  • Work anywhere

    Fully hosted, cloud based & mobile responsive means you can manage your business anytime from anywhere in the world

  • Modern & intuitive

    Simple, modern & intuitive user interface & operations flows make new user training a breeze

  • Valet & self storage

    Offer & manage valet and self storage operations from a single consolidated platform

  • Regular updates

    Constantly improving with updates & great new features rolled out regularly

  • Made for companies of any size

    Whether you are running a single site or over a hundred, Storeganise is made for you

  • Customer management

    Manage all customer details, order history, invoicing, add comments & much more

  • User roles & permissions

    Define access levels for each member of your team & grant permission to different features

  • Full audit tracking

    Full audit & history tracking including notes & images throughout every part of the system

  • Customisable discounts

    Super flexible discount functionality allowing for a combination of fixed value or percentage discounts

  • Labels for custom filtering

    Create your own list of custom labels for each part of the system for custom filtering ability

  • Task automation

    Automate move-ins, move-outs, order steps, payments, reminders & more

  • Document upload

    Save documents including signed agreements, images, address proof & more against each user

  • Self storage

    Automate and modernise your self storage business with tonnes of features right out of the box

  • Interactive site map

    Manage units, move-ins, move-outs & get an instant birds-eye view of each site with the customisable site map

  • Electronic agreements

    Customise agreement templates by site & get clients to sign electronically from any device

  • Multi-site

    Seamlessly switch between many sites on the go

  • Automatic unit lock out

    Customers overdue on payment can be automatically locked out of their units until payment is received

  • Billing flexibility

    Choose between anniversary or fixed day of the month for invoicing customers

  • Flexible account codes & tax rates

    Flexible account codes & tax rates

  • Pro-rated billing

    Pro-rate charges for customers moving in the middle of the month

  • Prepayments

    Automatically handle pre-payments accounted for on a realised revenue basis

  • Simple step-based order flow

    Storeganise's step-based order flow makes managing any number of jobs super simple

  • Products & services

    Sell add-on products & services which can be included also in the user booking portal

  • Customise images of all sites, unit types from settings panel

    Quickly update site, unit type & product details visible in the booking portal using images, map location, general info & more

  • Pre-set charges

    Set recurring or one-off charges that should be automatically added to all new move-ins

  • Valet storage

    The only custom software solution to manage all aspects of a valet storage business

  • Inventory tracking

    Keep track of every single item using unique IDs & barcode tracking

  • Logistics management

    Manage delivery & collection jobs with realtime job updates & navigation to customer locations

  • Barcode scanning

    Use your device's camera or a separate barcode scanner to scan items in and out of every step

  • Warehouse locations

    Every item in storage tracked to a specific location in your warehouse or storage facility

  • Image-based inventory

    Add images to each item in storage & provide your customers with a visual inventory of what they've stored

  • Handle multiple pricing models

    Offer different pricing models or storage options to different customers including item-based & volume-based pricing

  • Schedules & capacities

    Customise your delivery & collection schedules and capacities for each pricing model you offer

  • Referral codes

    Leverage word-of-mouth marketing & incentivize your customers to refer over friends & family

  • Assign jobs to drivers

    Allocate delivery & collection jobs to different drivers who can then manage the job on the go on any device

  • Products & services

    Offer additional products & services & track other order related charges while on the move

  • Step-by-step order flow

    Simple step-based job management adapted to each different order scenario

  • Bulk update items

    Use the bulk-update function to manage item locations, states & more

  • Billing & accounting

    Flexible, customisable and automated billing solutions tailored to your business needs

  • Automated Billing

    Reduce credit risk & management costs with automatic monthly billing

  • Automated invoice reminders

    Set multiple custom invoice reminder email templates to be sent automatically at intervals of your choosing

  • Multiple payment gateway options

    Choose between different payment gateways to handle various payment methods & track manual payments too

  • Overdue

    Automatically set invoices as overdue & see which units & customers are in default including the ability to auto-lock-out customers

  • Account codes & tax rates

    Use accounting codes to set custom tax rates on every line item & use custom account codes for specific units or unit types

  • Realised revenue model

    Storeganise works on a realised revenue model allocating prepayments to your revenue account automatically each month

  • Reporting & analytics

    Get in-depth insights into all aspects of your business

  • Interactive reporting dashboard

    Fully interactive analytics section provides realtime & historical data & reports, exportable in a variety of formats

  • Imports & exports

    Get started quickly with comprehensive import functionality including the ability to import historical data & export all data at any time

  • Custom reporting capabilities

    Leverage custom reports & analytics solutions to create dashboards customised to your business needs

  • Customise & localise

    Built for companies of all sizes operating anywhere in the world

  • Multi lingual

    Storeganise has been built with localization in mind, supporting multiple languages in both Operations & Customer Apps

  • Comprehensive settings panel

    Manage all your settings in a single place including branding, imagery, currency, tax, date & time formats, emails & more

  • Localised tax, currency & accounting conventions

    Set custom tax rates, currency codes & accounting conventions specific to your country & business

  • Customisable branded emails

    Create custom branded & formatted email templates for each language you have setup

  • Custom Fields

    Use custom fields to customise the data points you want to track on users, sites, units, invoices, etc

  • Custom webtasks

    Tailor how different parts of the system work with custom webtasks

  • Integrations

    Build automated workflows with other systems with loads of custom integrations and tools

  • API

    Comprehensive user and admin APIs allow for a long list of custom integrations & features

  • Webhooks

    Leverage webhooks to automatically post updates to other systems such as accounting platforms

  • Custom app integrations

    Storeganise has a number of pre-built integrations with more being added regularly

  • Security systems

    Integrate with your favourite security systems including auto-lock-out functionality & more

  • Zapier

    Zapier integration enables you to automate many tasks between Storeganise & thousands of other apps

  • Single sign on support

    Enterprise users can leverage SSO solutions for seamless operations

  • World class support

    Super intuitive yet powerful software paired with unparalleled support means you will hit the ground running

  • Happy customers the world over

    Great testimonials from clients spanning more than 20 countries across 6 continents around the globe

  • Industry-leading support

    Get in touch with us anytime via in-app chat, email & phone nearly 24 hr/day or leverage our comprehensive help docs

  • Getting started

    Get started with Storeganise in a matter of days including setup, customisation, data imports & deployment

  • Security

    We are serious about security and data privacy

  • Secure authentication

    Automatic backups, data encryption, communication over HTTPS, secure authentication & more

  • Rotatable API Keys

    Rotate Storeganise API keys to further enhance security of integrated solutions & applications

  • Security protocols

    Comprehensive internal security protocols under constant review & regularly updated

  • Data privacy

    Storeganise is GDPR compliant & we never mine or sell your data

  • Always on

    Amazing track record for system uptime  running upwards of 99.99%

  • User management

    Multiple user access roles & automatic time-based logout of users

  • Book a demo

    Book in a time to see why companies all over the world trust Storeganise to automate their operations and increase conversion rates