The Storage People; Streamlining Self and Valet Storage Into One

Storeganise helped The Storage People streamline its self and valet-storage services into one system, improving their user experience. 

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→ The Storage People were the ‘mom & pops’ in a relatively new Malaysian industry, starting with self-storage and then adding valet-storage a few years later.  The Storage People always strive to be innovators in all of their businesses.


→ The Storage People wanted to introduce valet storage to their range of services, but couldn’t find a system that could cater to both self-storage and valet storage.


→ Valet & Self Storage Software


→1. Streamlining self and valet storage into one system.

→2. Auto-invoicing and payment gateway features, improving management efficiency.

→3. Incorporating new smart phone technology with the valet-storage system, reducing hardware costs.

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The Customerthe Storage People Strive To Be Innovators in All Aspects of Their Business

Having lived in Malaysia for 15 years, it was apparent that an opportunity existed here with the limited land choices and even smaller living & working spaces. Plus, we operated and continue to operate Myrelo - The Preferred Mover for home & office moving so it seemed like a perfect fit!

We were the ‘mom & pops’ in a relatively new Malaysian industry and it took some time to get investors interested to fund our ideas when we first started.  Once we had an investor on board it was all systems go! Our existing facility is performing better than we imagined and we are now starting to expand our footprint.

Why Storeganise?Competing Management Software Was Rigid and Costly

We started out using a competing management software. We found it very rigid, old school, lacking in customer service and costly.  Then along came Miles & the Storeganise team. Not only did their software provide the innovative solutions we were looking for, but their friendly attitude and drive to continually develop a better customer-driven product was what made us make the switch.  We saw added-value in using their software and working with them that the others couldn’t offer.

The Challengethe Storage People Needed a Flexible System That Could Cater to Both Self and Valet-Storage

We wanted a system that was more flexible and could offer more customer-driven solutions at an affordable rate.  We met Miles and were excited with his team’s ability to offer all of this and more.

We wanted to introduce valet storage to our range of services but couldn’t find a system that could cater to both self-storage and valet storage.  It was going to be a costly addition and possibly an inefficient solution to operate two separate systems.  However, Storeganise had the answer we were looking for and their software solution has only improved year on year.

The SolutionStoreganise’ Software Provides an Efficient Solution to Both Self and Valet-Storage Business Needs

→ 1. Integrating self and valet-storage options into one system has made it easier to manage the business, and allows us to provide two offerings to our customers.

→ 2. Auto-invoicing and payment gateway features have freed up staff time, allowing us to concentrate on improving other aspects of our business.

→ 3. Incorporating new smart phone technology with the valet-storage system, reduces our hardware costs and makes the whole back-end user experience smoother and more convenient.

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Integrating into Storeganise

Our integration was relatively stress-free as the Storeganise team assisted in making it as smooth as possible.  If there was any issue, the Storeganise team was always easy to contact and their response time was commendable.  We were one of their earlier clients so we have gone through several upgrades and all have gone well with minimal inconvenience.