Storeganise Q3 2023 updates

Major Improvements: Dive into Storeganise's Q3 Updates!

Storeganise Q3 2023 updates

As we move forward into the latter half of the year, we’re thrilled to introduce the enhancements we are rolling out this September 2023. Dive into the details of our latest features below:

These changes will be rolled out to users over a period of a few weeks.

  1. Introducing custom PDF storage agreements
  2. Stripe refunds made easier!
  3. Enhanced invoice control: Switch to draft
  4. Late fees: Revamped and more configurable!
  5. Refund unused rent during a move-out
  6. Custom terms on invoices
  7. Other updates

Introducing Custom PDF Storage Agreements

We’re excited to announce that Storeganise now offers two methods for creating and editing your self-storage agreements: HTML mode and the new PDF mode.

If you’ve already crafted a PDF file of your agreement, simply upload it for a seamless experience. Before doing so, ensure you’ve prepared your PDF with our specified steps for smooth integration.

Learn more about using Custom PDF Storage Agreements in our Help Center →

Stripe Refunds Made Easier!

Stripe Refunds Made Easier!

If you’re using Stripe as your payment gateway with Storeganise, you can now process refunds directly from our platform.

self storage checklist

No need to toggle between tabs or remember extra logins. Refund handling is automated by Storeganise, ensuring you have a hassle-free refund process.

Discover the full details on Stripe refunds in our Help Center →

Enhanced Invoice Control: Switch to Draft

Enhanced Invoice Control: Switch to Draft

Storeganise will now prevent an invoice that has been Sent, Paid, or has Failed, to be moved back into a Draft state, by default.

This is a sensitive process that will typically be done with specific intent. Therefore, while it is still possible to change invoices back to a draft state, this will be limited only to those users that are expressly given the permission to do so.

As part of the implementation of this feature, any users with a Manager role at the time of the update will automatically be granted the permission to mark invoices as draft. New users, however, will not have that permission added automatically.

If you would like to have this permission turned on, please reach out to

Discover more about the new Draft state on our Help Center →

Late Fees: Revamped and More Configurable!

We’ve redefined our Late Fees feature to give you more control and flexibility:

  • Support for multiple late fees per invoice.
  • Trigger based on configurable days from the invoice date.
  • Plus, flexible late fee amounts that can be absolute or proportional.
  • Also, a quick note for those used to our previous system - the global “Invoice overdue age” setting remains but will now serve as an indicator rather than tying directly to late fees.

Important: The new update will change how late fees work in Storeganise. Log in to your Management Portal and review your late fees settings once your account has been updated. More details about this change are explained in our Late fees help doc .

Explore the new Late Fees feature →

Late Fees: Revamped and More Configurable!

Refund Unused Rent During a Move-out

We understand that sometimes, customers might move out before their agreement term ends. To ensure both fairness and flexibility, we’ve introduced the ability to refund unused rent during a move-out.

For instance, if a customer has paid $100 rent until the end of September but moves out mid-month, you now have the option to refund the rent for the unused days.

Explore the new Rent Refund feature →

Custom Terms on Invoices

You are now able to set custom terminology that describes different services in invoices. This allows you to bring your invoices and Storeganise even closer to your brand and business model.

To change the invoice terminology, log in to your Management portal, go to settings and click on the Accounting tab.

Custom terms on invoices

Read more about invoice terminology here →

Set Your Billing Period - Daily, Weekly, 4-Weekly

We introduced a feature that adds even more flexibility to the way you are billing your customers. You will see a new section in the General settings that will allow you to change billing period to Daily, weekly or 4-weekly.

If you are interested in this feature, please get in touch to get it enabled.

Custom terms on invoices

Other Updates

  • Automatic billing trigger updated to auto-send invoices if customer doesn’t have a payment method setup
  • Move-in jobs will auto-resume if a failed invoice becomes paid
  • Add Simplified Chinese font for invoice PDF
  • New language support for the Customer Portal: Slovenian, Romanian, Thai, Latin American Spanish
  • Customise invoice template to better support credit notes
  • Added payment notes to invoice CSV exports
  • Added permission details in user CSV exports
  • Ability to edit unit type for move-in jobs
  • General UI & back end improvements

Storeganise Roadmap

We made our roadmap public. Check out what's in store for our future releases. If there is an important feature missing from the roadmap, we invite you to send the request on the link below.

Visit Roadmap