Storeganise Q1 2023 Updates

Read more about the new Storeganise features for this quarter

Storeganise Q1 2023 Updates

Welcome to the latest Storeganise update for Q1 2023! We’re thrilled to introduce a host of new features and improvements to enhance your experience even further.

These changes will be rolled out to users over a period of a few weeks.

  1. Schedule Price Changes;
  2. Team Section - Invite and Set User Roles for Your Staff;
  3. Customer Portal improvements
  4. Global Search Always Available
  5. Support for Custom Content Security Policies (CSP)
  6. View and Export All Units

Ability to Schedule Pricing Changes.

You can now schedule price changes in advance, giving you more control over your pricing strategy and ensuring a seamless transition when implementing changes.

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You can set pricing changes for each unit and schedule a notification, that is automatically sent to your tennants on a set date.

New Team Section in Settings - Invite and Set User Roles for Your Staff

New team section in settings

We’ve introduced a new Team section in the settings, making it easier to invite and manage admins in Storeganise.

You can assign specific roles to your team members for more efficient management.

Newly added staff members will receive an email invitation in their inbox automatically.

Discover the full details on adding team members in our Help Center →

Customer Portal Improvements.

Customer portal improvements

We’ve added item search, list view, and CSV export functionality to the Customer Portal, making it more user-friendly and efficient for your valet storage customers.

Global search always available

Global Search Always Available in the Management Portal

We’ve made the global search feature permanently accessible in the Management Portal on all devices.

This makes it easier for you to find information quickly and efficiently by selecting units, locations or users from the dropdown menu or entering search term from any page of your Management Portal.

Support for Custom Content Security Policies (CSP).

Custom CSP

We now support custom content security policies for your customer portal and websites, enabling greater customization, widget integration, and more.

Learn more in our help center: Customise your Content Security Policy →

View and Export All Units

With the new All Units view and export function, you can quickly see an overview of all your units and easily export the data to a CSV file when needed.

Read more about data exports here →

Storeganise Roadmap

We made our roadmap public. Check out what's in store for our future releases. If there is an important feature missing from the roadmap, we invite you to send the request on the link below.

Visit Roadmap