Storeganise Q2 2024 updates

Check out Storeganise’s 2024 Q2 updates!

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As we roll into June 2024, we’re thrilled to share some major improvements we’ve made to Storeganise. You asked, and we delivered.

These changes will be rolled out to users over a few weeks.

  1. Dynamic Pricing

  2. Tasks & reminders

  3. Customer portal logo link customization

  4. Other updates

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Dynamic Pricing

We’ve made it easier than ever to manage and maximize the profitability of your facility. Set simple rules to automatically adjust the pricing of each unit type based on occupancy levels.

With real-time updates, you can ensure your pricing strategy always aligns with demand: encourage rentals during slow periods with lower prices and capitalize on high demand by raising prices.

Read more about how to use Dynamic pricing.

Dynamic pricing

Tasks & reminders

Now you can set tasks and reminders across the system, including for customers, units, and invoices. Assign a due date to each task to ensure timely action.

Whether it’s following up with a potential customer or scheduling maintenance for a unit, this feature keeps your workflow organized and on track, helping you enhance customer service and maintain your facility efficiently.

Learn more about Tasks & reminders.

Tasks & reminders

We’ve updated the user app so that the logo now links to your specified website URL instead of just the home page. You can set this URL in your main settings under ‘website URL.’

This change allows users to navigate directly to your desired location when clicking the logo, enhancing the user experience and providing more customization options for your site.

Learn about it here.

General settings

Other updates

  • Late fees: Only charge a fee if there is a minimum unpaid balance

  • Website builder SEO enhancements & a new ‘FAQ’ block

  • Invoice overdue label now based on startDate instead of sent date

  • Stripe refund: Do not use disputed charges for processing refunds

  • Developers: New cursor parameter for more efficient pagination/exporting data

  • Added rental.unpaidBalance variable for email templates

Storeganise Roadmap

We made our roadmap public. Check out what's in store for our future releases. If there is an important feature missing from the roadmap, we invite you to send the request on the link below.

Visit Roadmap