Storeganise Q1 2024 updates

Major Improvements: Dive into Storeganise's Q1 Updates!

Storeganise Q1 2024 updates

As we step into March 2024, we’re delighted to introduce the improvements we have in store for you this quarter:

These changes will be rolled out to users over a few weeks.

  1. Control billing cycles: Choose when to auto-charge
  2. Select payment methods in your Stripe portal (action required)
  3. Add accounting codes to pre-set charges
  4. A redesigned management portal
  5. Introducing multi-state filtering
  6. Other updates

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Control billing cycles: Choose when to auto-charge

Previously, invoices for auto-paying customers were charged on the same day they were generated.  Now, you can separate the creation date from the charge date, giving you more flexibility in managing billing cycles.

Enhanced billing control with invoice charge date

Learn more in our help center

Select payment methods in your Stripe portal (action required)

We’ve optimized our payment methods for seamless transactions, enabling customers to set up preferences directly in their Stripe accounts. You now have full control over payment methods without assistance. You must log in to your Stripe account to set up the payment methods you want to support.

Learn more about selecting payment methods in Stripe here

Add accounting codes to pre-set charges

Preset charges allow you to quickly add charge items to unit rentals and invoices. Now you can add accounting codes to each pre-set charge, reducing work and errors when adding charges to unit rentals and invoices.

Enhanced custom charges with code and accounting code support

Learn more about using custom charges in our help center

A redesigned management portal

You’ll notice some parts of the interface have been updated. This release makes lists of information easier to read, along with other improvements.

Over the next few months, you’ll notice updates to more areas of the management portal, to minimise clutter and improve usability.

Revamped UI: Explore updated views

Introducing multi-state filtering

Now you can select multiple states when listing invoices, units, users and more. This expanded query option offers greater flexibility and efficiency in accessing data, allowing you to simultaneously filter based on multiple criteria.

Select multiple states when filtering

Storeganise Roadmap

We made our roadmap public. Check out what's in store for our future releases. If there is an important feature missing from the roadmap, we invite you to send the request on the link below.

Visit Roadmap

Other updates

  • Add rental.billedUntil placeholder to agreement templates, unit & invoice emails.
  • Additional payment methods in Stripe are now available on all devices and browsers including auto-payment methods.
  • Manual payments and paid dates of invoices are now listed in the invoice history when logged.
  • Added site section and custom fields to the bulk unit rental export.
  • Additional improvements and bug fixes.