Storeganise Q4 2023 Updates

Exciting Q4 Updates: Take A Peek At Storeganise's End-of-Year Updates!

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As we move into 2024, we want to express our gratitude for being an integral part of our journey. Thank you for making 2023 truly special! 🌟

Q4 2023 Feature Highlights:

  • Unpaid balances in invoice lists 💸: Easily track unpaid balances directly in your invoice lists.
  • High-level payments list 💳: Get a comprehensive overview of all payments (including partial payments) at a glance.
  • Customise manual payment methods 💼: Tailor payment methods to your unique requirements.
  • Consolidated unit views 🏢: See a consolidated list of all unit across all sites in one place.
  • Consolidated unit rental views 🏠: Gain insights into all your unit rentals (past and present) for your whole business with the new consolidated unit rental view.
  • Webhook issue notifications 🚨: Tailor your alerts! Add specific people to receive notifications when webhooks fail.
  • Italian language support 🇮🇹: Ciao! You can now navigate Storeganise in Italian.

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💸 Unpaid Balances in Invoice Lists

Unpaid balances & overdue invoices: Invoice lists now have helpful visual indicators of overdue state and balance outstanding. Overdue invoices stand out prominently in red on your lists, while any invoices with partial payments will be shown with the balance owed in brackets next to the invoice total. This visual indication ensures you can easily prioritize follow-ups, with real-time updates on user, unit, and site pages. Learn More About Overdue Invoices

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💳 High-Level Payments List

The invoices tab just got more powerful! This new view (available from the Invoices tab) allows you to view every payment received in the system, whether as a partial or full payment of an invoice. Efficiently filter payment data based on criteria such as payment method, date, and customer, offering a convenient way for tasks like daily payment reconciliation. Learn More About the Payments view

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💼 Customising Manual Payment Methods

Introducing a seamless way to set up custom manual payment methods. You can now customize the list of manual payment methods available when adding payments to invoices. This allows you to setup methods unique to your business or region or even specific bank account names to help simplify payment reconciliations. Learn more in Accounting settings

🏢 Business-Level Unit and Unit Rental Lists

Gain a holistic perspective with our Business-Level Unit and Unit Rental Lists. While site-level pages remain essential, the new business-level pages offer a consolidated view across all sites. Efficiently manage and analyze units and unit rentals at a broader business level for enhanced decision-making. Find out more here

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🚀 Webhook Issue Notifications

Add alert receivers: Ever wanted to decide who gets notified when a webhook fails? Now you can! Specify recipients for webhook problem alerts by adding their email addresses to the “Alert Receivers” field. It’s simple, effective, and ensures the right eyes are on the issues. Explore Webhook Notifications

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Other Updates

  • Admin overlocking: Admins can now efficiently overlock units.
  • Stripe refund improvement: Streamlined use of amount_captured for Stripe refunds.
  • Enhanced support for special characters: Say goodbye to glitches in usernames for special characters.
  • Spaces in filenames: No more hassle with spaces in filenames.
  • Increased file size support: Enjoy 5MB file size support for all file type custom fields.
  • Enhanced invoice and agreement details: More placeholders are available for your contracts and invoices.
  • Improved filtering: Upgraded filtering options added for viewing unit rentals and jobs.
  • PDFs in a new tab:  New option to open PDFs in a new tab via the Customer Portal for better readability.
  • Paginated invoices list: We’ve added pagination of invoices in the Customer Portal allowing users with many invoices to more efficiently navigate their historical invoices.
  • Faster invoice generation: Experience quicker invoice generation times.
  • Updated help docs layout: Find information faster with our revamped help docs layout.

Storeganise Roadmap

We made our roadmap public. Check out what's in store for our future releases. If there is an important feature missing from the roadmap, we invite you to send the request on the link below.

Visit Roadmap