Online payment and management solutions for your self storage business

Everything is moving online these days. Here’s why you and your self storage business should too.

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The advance of information technology in the past few decades has been astronomical, and business trends are equally reflecting this shift towards the digital. With that in mind, online solutions for payment and management for your self storage company have the potential to ease the workload on your staff, simplify the customer experience, and be more cost-efficient. This article will examine the benefits of shifting towards online solutions, and what you should look out for when searching for what fits best with your business.

The changing customer

With the drastic shift towards the use of technology, customer mindsets have changed to reflect this. Nowadays, customers are much more drawn to services that can present them with a wealth of information and the freedom to choose which products they want. On top of this, the advancement and ubiquity of information technology has changed what consumers are looking for in services. The top of the list nowadays is convenience, and there’s arguably no better way to provide a stress-free, convenient customer experience than transitioning to online solutions. Switching to an online platform checks both of these boxes, and getting on top of the growing trend is vital when trying to maximise your business potential. Successful companies have long known this transition to online was inevitable, and have been able to jump on it earlier than others. Moving parts of your operation online ensures that you won’t be left behind in this increasingly technological environment. An added bonus of moving online is that it will reduce the paper waste you have at your facility!

Make everyone’s life easier

Of course, there’s something to be said about the value of keeping certain things offline. Whether it be thinking certain services require physical interaction, or it’s easier to maintain customer relations, some things don’t have to be online. However, shifting your operations online can make life easier for both you and the customer. An easier payment platform can reduce customer delinquencies, and make your facility more efficient with fewer man-hours needed to manage the facility. Promoting this online service shows to customers that you’re making an effort to make their experience more convenient, whilst also allowing you to look after your bottom line.

Security concerns

A common concern among customers when companies use an online platform to store data is the security and safety of their information. This is definitely a valid concern, as it’s often impossible to ensure that no one will be able to access it. However, it’s important to consider that it’s arguably no less secure than keeping data on-site, or in any other physical form. Further, this fear is perhaps a lack of understanding in the online system itself. High-end self storage software companies recognise the importance of data security, and in the competitive market today, there is no place for a product that doesn’t meet the high standards of safety that are expected. An understanding of data privacy and regulations surrounding personal data (such as GDPR in Europe) is critical for both staff and companies processing your data.

Choosing software and features

With all this in mind, you still have to decide which software to go with, and each will have its benefits as well as shortcomings. At the very least, the software you choose should:

  1. Allow customers to rent and reserve units, make payments and view their transaction history easily online directly through the platform.

  2. It should also be able to show available units at your facility in real-time, and let you keep all of your operational data in a single space.

  3. On top of these basic features, you should make sure the software is intuitive and easy to use.

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With the transition to an online platform being motivated by convenience, customers don’t want to have to deal with a difficult new system for getting the service you provide. A final note is that high-end software might seem like a hefty upfront cost, but it might be worth it in the long run, helping you cut costs with fewer man-hours and a more streamlined approach. This is different for every business, so make sure to weigh up the pros and cons of investing in each platform.

Everything is shifting online, and your business should not be an exception. Driven by a changing consumer mindset of convenience and ease, moving to a digital platform will not only be beneficial to your customers, but also make sure your business is more cost-efficient. The tools and automation in your software should also give you more time to invest in improving and expanding your business.

Managing your self storage with Storeganise

With supporting features and management solutions like online bookings, your customers can view, manage and automatically book storage on any device in just a few clicks. As well as this, automate your collections by having customers add and manage their payment methods when making their bookings. Finally, our automated billing system and invoice reminder also reduce credit risk, and reduce management costs, improving the efficiency of your business.

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