10+ Self Storage Associations Around the World: 2024 List

Check out our list of the 10 self-storage associations worldwide. Always stay connected for up-to-date information on industry trends, insights, and networking opportunities.

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As a self storage facility owner or manager, you understand the importance of maintaining industry best practices and providing excellent customer service. Self storage associations (SSA) play a crucial role in setting these standards, offering resources, and fostering a community committed to high-quality service.

To align your facility with the best in the field, consider joining a self storage association; membership can enhance your business’s credibility and offer valuable insights into industry trends and innovations. Our list of self storage associations is freshly updated for 2024, giving you the connections you need to stay ahead. Plus, embracing technology like the Storeganise self storage software can further refine your customer’s experience and streamline operations.

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Tip: Don’t miss out on the major self storage events events and meetups hosted by these associations, perfect for networking and growth.

10+ Self Storage Associations to Know in 2024

Here is our list of the major self storage associations in different countries:

  1. United States Self Storage Associations
    • Arizona Self Storage Association (AZSA)
    • Arkansas Self Storage Association (ARSSA)
    • Georgia Self Storage Association (GASSA)
    • Maine Self Storage Association (MESSA)
    • Mississippi Self Storage Owners Association (MSSSOA)
  2. UK Self Storage Association
  3. Australasia Self Storage Association
  4. Dutch Self Storage Association
  5. French Self Storage Association
  6. German Self Storage Association
  7. Norwegian Self Storage Association

1. United States Self Storage Association

The Self Storage Association (SSA) stands as the principal organization for self storage in the United States, delivering leadership and advocacy since its inception in 1975. As a not-for-profit entity, the SSA is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, and ethical business practices. Formed under section 501-c-6 of the Internal Revenue Code, it creates standards association members agree to follow, supporting them with valuable resources on industry trends, education, research, and technological advancements.

United States Self Storage Associations

The SSA’s commitment to enhancing the quality and performance of self storage services ensures that the industry remains robust and reliable for consumers, reflecting its pivotal role in the global marketplace.

It’s affiliated with other regional self storage associations across the United States, including:

  • Arizona Self Storage Association (AZSA): Established in 1996, the AZSA is dedicated to strengthening the self storage industry in Arizona. It promotes professional standards and provides members with a variety of resources, including an annual conference and trade show that features educational sessions and networking opportunities. The AZSA is a hub for local and national vendors to connect with storage professionals within the state.

  • Arkansas Self Storage Association (ARSSA): The ARSSA was founded in 2004 to support local self storage businesses based in the state of Arkansas. They provide support through education, facilitating industry information, and legal communication. Their goal is to ensure the strength of the self storage industry in Arkansas, which you can benefit from as a member business.

  • Georgia Self Storage Association (GASSA): Georgia self storage facilities can benefit from the legislative advocacy and networking opportunities provided by the GASSA. This association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the growth of self storage facilities in GA and the southeast.

  • Maine Self Storage Association (MESSA) : MESSA was founded in 2012 with the mission to become the face of self storage facilities in Maine. They ensure compliance by providing The Maine Self Storage Lien Law booklet. They also hold monthly Zoom meetings for members to discuss emerging issues, as well as seasonal dinner meetings for networking.

  • Mississippi Self Storage Owners Association (MSSSOA): Founded in 2002, MSSSOA aims to respond to the needs of self storage businesses based in Mississippi, thereby strengthening the industry. As a business, you can join them to participate in annual educational events that help facilitate team building, networking opportunities, and information sharing.

As a self storage business in the United States, you should consider joining these associations to lend credibility to your business.

2. UK Self Storage Association

In the UK, the self storage industry is regulated by the Self Storage Association (SSA UK). Established in 1995, SSA UK is a not-for-profit trade association representing over 600 self storage operators across the United Kingdom.

UK Flag Image

The SSA UK has been instrumental in the growth and professionalism of the self storage industry in the United Kingdom. They help members build successful businesses and provide customers with a safe, regulated self storage experience.

3. Australasia Self Storage Association

The Australasia Self Storage Association (SSAA) is a key player in the thriving self storage market of Australia and New Zealand, overseeing an industry with a remarkable $2 billion turnover annually. For over 3 decades, the SSAA has been an essential resource for its members, offering industry research, legal agreements, operational guidance, educational opportunities, and information on events to support and elevate the sector. By fostering a community that shares knowledge and insights, the SSAA continues to make a positive impact in shaping the future of self storage in the region.

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4. Dutch Self Storage Association

The Dutch Self Storage Association is the self storage association headquarters representing self storage operators and suppliers in the Netherlands. As a member of FEDESSA, the Federation of European Self Storage Associations, the DSSA promotes the self storage industry in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

To become a member of the DSSA, self storage operators must meet certain standards for professionalism, security, and customer service. The DSSA Code of Conduct establishes ethical guidelines for how members should operate their businesses and treat customers. By upholding high standards across the industry, the DSSA builds consumer trust in self storage.

5. French Self Storage Association

The French Self Storage Association (FSSA) is a registered lobbying entity that represents self storage companies in France. If you own or operate a self storage facility in France, joining the FSSA is a must. They advocate for the self storage industry and work to promote best practices. French Flag Image

Being a member of the FSSA gives you access to their annual conference and regional meetups. These events allow you to connect with others in the industry, learn from more experienced owners, and discover new products and services for your facility.

6. German Self Storage Association

The German Self Storage Association, or Deutscher Self Storage Verband e.V. (DSSV), aims to represent the interests of self storage companies in Germany. Founded in 2003, the DSSV promotes professionalism and high standards within the German self storage industry.

Becoming a DSSV member demonstrates your commitment to professionalism and gives your business more credibility. The DSSV logo signifies that a company meets its standards for service, security, and facility quality. For customers, the DSSV logo is a sign that they can expect a good experience with a self storage provider.

7. Norwegian Self Storage Association

Norway has a thriving self storage industry, with over 270 self storage facilities across the country. The Norwegian Self Storage Association was established to support this growing sector. As a member of the Federation of European Self Storage Associations (FEDESSA), the Norwegian association aims to promote high standards and best practices in the self storage industry.

Norwegian Self Storage Association

Being part of the association demonstrates your commitment to quality and professionalism. Members must adhere to the association’s code of conduct, which covers areas like transparency, privacy, insurance, and security. The association’s logo is a sign of credibility that gives customers confidence in your business.

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As a dedicated self storage facility owner or manager, staying connected with reputable self storage associations is pivotal for upholding industry best practices, accessing valuable insights, and fostering a strong network within the community. Our updated list of self storage associations for 2024 provides you with the essential connections needed to stay at the forefront of the industry. Embracing membership in these associations, along with leveraging advanced technology like  Storeganise self storage software, can transform your customer experience and streamline your operations.