5 must-have self storage software features

Our top picks to make selecting a self storage software a little easier.

self storage software essential features

Choosing the right self storage management software is tricky. To make it easier, consider which features are must-haves and which are nice-to-haves. This way, you can select the best solution without superfluous features within your budget. Here is our selection of the top 5 features of self storage software must-haves.

1. Online booking and e-sign

Gone are the days when customers had to come into the office to sign the lease for a storage unit. Instead, customers want the ability to select the desired unit online, reserve it and electronically sign the lease. A module will capture the customer’s signature and save it in the digital storage. Providing an e-sign option improves conversion rates as it lowers the effort for the customer and enables impulse purchasing.

2. Payments

The second must-have feature is automated billing and payments. The system will automatically generate an invoice at a pre-set date and send it to the customer. The system will charge the due amount to the customer’s credit card or bank account in the next step. The system should also have the option to manage different payment methods, promotion codes, and discounts.

Automatic lockout is another convenient feature for customers who use smart-lock access control systems. When a customer does not pay a bill on time, the system will automatically disable their access code until they pay the outstanding amount. This way, operators can significantly reduce credit risk.

3. Analytics

It is impossible to manage a business without analytics and reporting. Therefore we consider automated reporting features and integrated dashboards an essential element of self storage software. The system should generate daily and monthly reports based on recommended, pre-set KPIs. Other features to look for are interactive dashboards, customizable reports, and historical data and trend analysis. Learn more about analytics in self storage in this in-depth article.

4. Customer Area

The self storage software should have a dedicated customer area from where customers can manage various aspects of their accounts. Most importantly, customers should be able to manage their booking, extend or cancel their lease, and view the status of their rented units. Moreover, they should be able to update their personal and billing information easily. The solution should be mobile-friendly to provide the best possible customer experience. Every customer-facing aspect of the tool should prioritise reducing customer effort and providing a positive customer experience. The best way to evaluate it is to test the tool from a customer’s perspective.

5. Site Management Tools

Finally, you should be able to manage your sites and units from the software. A convenient feature is an interactive sitemap builder. You can export the sitemaps to print for your customers. It also helps to keep an overview of unit booking status and occupancy rates. The site management tool is also where you can easily manage upcoming move-ins and move-outs.

Managing self storage with Storeganise

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