Features of the best self storage websites in 2023 – with examples

Are you looking for inspiration from the best self storage websites? Here are the must-haves for 2023.

best self storage websites 2021

Does your self storage have a website? Could it perform better, be more modern and appealing? Is your website an attractive representation of your business? If you answered ‘maybe’ or ‘no’ to either of these questions, then this post is exactly for you. We collected must-have features of an excellent self storage website and have some examples for inspiration.

1. An appealing home page

Your home page is your first impression. You will never get a second chance, so make it count. Modern designs feature simple lines, clear sections, and ease of use. All the essential information should be available at a glance. Take ValuSpace as an example.

self storage website
ValuSpace website
They show pictures of their facility – this builds trust and helps with social proof. Under the photos, they have the three most important links – payment, booking, and contact. The header menu is simple and consists of only three sections. As you scroll down, they have three featured articles from their blog. They round off the page with a small sales pitch – their top three sales arguments as graphic icons. Very simple, very sleek, and get’s the message across. The colour scheme is not intrusive, keeps to the background but is still bright and welcoming. Their brand colours are used as highlights. There is only one thing we would change, more about that in the next section. 

The most likely google search term for a customer shopping for self storage will be “self storage near me” or “Self storage in XYZ”. Location is one of the most crucial selection criteria. Once your prospective customer finds your page, there should be a large, visible search bar to find the nearest self storage for their zip code. This should ideally be the central item of your home page. For added convenience, you can include a search by military bases and colleges if military personnel and students make up a significant portion of your target customer group.

Here is an example that we like from Cubesmart. Mobile users can allow access to their GPS and search for nearby units. Advanced search lets them select criteria such as unit size, price, or a free rental moving truck.

Cubesmart website
Cubesmart website

3. Size Guide

Many customers find it hard to estimate how much space they need to store. A sizing guide can help to prevent problems and frustration. Imagine booking a unit, only to discover that your belongings only fill a third of the space. Or worse, don’t fit.

In our opinion, LifeStorage has one of the most appealing designs – select a unit size and see an animated example of how many boxes and furniture items can fit inside.

LifeStorage website
LifeStorage website
[Storage Rentals of America](https://sroa.com/storage-tools/storage-calculator/) goes a different way – you can select the number of furniture items, boxes, and items you intend to store. The calculator estimates how much additional space each item will take up with a visual demonstration.

4. A good FAQ

A good Frequently Asked Questions section will save you much trouble. Make sure it is well organised and divide possible questions into topics. Questions on the FAQ page should be questions that are actually asked often. Don’t turn the page into a dump for all miscellaneous items, like that one drawer in your kitchen. Finally, plan for scanning – customers visit the page with a specific question – they will scan the page to find it quickly. You can include a search function for added user-friendliness.

Our top pick here is SmartStop Self Storage’s FAQ page. Clean, simple, easy to navigate. They do not have a search option, but they have a chat service to connect with an agent quickly. This also brings us to the next point.

SmartStop website
SmartStop website

5. Easy to find contact information

I am sure you have yourself visited websites that hide their contact information a little too well. While you want to encourage visitors to self-service as much as possible, they should receive help promptly when they need it. Convert site visitors seeking help to paying customers. Whether you offer phone support, chat, or an email contact form – it should be accessible and visible. Remember – most visitors don’t read your page; they scan it. Here are some ways:

  • Floating chat or contact us icon

  • Link to contact form in the header menu bar

  • Your customer service hotline’s phone number on the top of the page

It is preferable to offer more than one, as PublicStorage does on their site.

The placement of these links is also important. Users expect the chat box in the bottom right corner. The phone number and contact us section should go at the top, towards the right. However, you can use A/B testing to find the optimal placement on your site.

PublicStorage website
PublicStorage website

6. Automated bookings and payment

The number one feature in 2021 you can’t do without is automated bookings and payments. Enable and empower your customers to self-serve. This will free up your facility manager from taking phone calls and reducing your financial risk. Are you wondering how to include these features on your page? Ask us at Storeganise; we can help.

Storeganise Invoicing
Invoicing in the Storeganise Management Portal

Managing your self storage with Storeganise

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